WEBINAR Managing Stress During Social Isolation

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Many of you, in our beautiful community, are dealing with many stressors amidst this current crisis. Social isolation, job loss and insecurity, lack of support, change in routines, financial pressures, and an uncertain future – where we don’t actually know when things will get back to ‘normal’.

It is a very common and normal reaction to feel stressed, fearful, anxious, and worried about the future and our security amidst this Corona-Pandemic.
However ongoing and unmanaged stress can wreak havoc on our physical health, mental health, our mindset, the way we react to situations and people,  and our ability to make good decisions, and can very quickly spiral downhill and that stress and anxiety can infiltrate and consume our whole life

On this Webinar the Mammoth Health Naturopaths will firstly look at a what normal and healthy response to stress is and then explain what happens to our bodies and mental health if we don’t manage or can’t manage stress effectively.
They will also share their knowledge of the beautiful herbs, nutrients and lifestyle tips to help you manage stress effectively so you can live with optimal health and wellness

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