Vitality Detox-Xpress - 2 Week Challenge

The Mammoth Health Detox Xpress Challenge is a
2-week Detox & Cleanse program that has been specifically designed for those who are generally well but have overindulged recently (eg. Christmas, New Year, birthdays, holidays etc) or feel they just need a quick reset to get back on track.

It is perfect for those who do their annual 4-week Vitality Detox & Cleanse Challenge in Spring and are looking to regain optimum health and vitality after the Christmas festive season or for those who just need a quick 'reset'.

The supplements use in this program are high quality practitioner-only brands.  Therefore it is a requirement before purchasing this program to please sign into your mammoth account or sign-up and complete the health questionnaire. One of our health care practitioners will review this information in order to provide you with access to the product. 
Once you're signed in and make a purchase, your credit card details and order will be taken however you will not be charged until our health care practitioner has conducted this review.
If you have any questions regarding this program don't hesitate contacting us on 0352 439084 and we will be happy answer them and address any concerns so you get the best results.

This program supports gut lining integrity and rebalances gut flora. It helps with your the acid/alkaline balance as well as supports your liver, kidney and lymphatic activity. It also assists in the clearance of toxic metals.

Imagine… Boundless Energy, Radiance, Vitality, Confidence and Living To Your Potential.
It’s Time To Put You And Your Health First


  • A comprehensive  Information Pack which outlines the program guidelines including a list of foods to enjoy and avoid whilst on the challenge, a daily eating plan and dietary targets, ingredients guide, tips and meal ideas; a detailed exercise requisite for the challenge and a daily checklist to keep you accountable.

  • Quality, high strength Supplements to support, feed, cleanse, restore and revitalise your body on the Challenge

The aim of this short program is to for a quick reset. To give the body an overall cleanse and is especially effective for those feeling a little heavy, lethargic and toxic.  In order to facilitate the overall cleanse and reset there are 3 supplements we use throughout the program:

1)      Probiotic (therapeutic genus, species and strain)

2)      Intestinal repair, renew & alkalising

3)      Herbal Liver support and Antioxidant Formula

These supplements will be individually prescribed for you by one of our Health Practitioners according to your Health goals, requirements, current symptoms and any medications you may be taking. 

  • Access to our private Vitality Challenge FB page to check in with our team and each other to keep motivated, ask questions and get great tips to the best out of your Challenge


  • To rebalance, cleanse and restore your digestive system to optimum function

  • To safely cleanse and remove from your system the built up levels of toxins accumulated over through overindulging and feasting.

  • To restore acid/alkaline balance

  • To increase your Vitality, Radiance, & Wellness

  • To Look Fantastic

  • To Feel Fantastic

  • To regain full control over your dietary habits and break the “food-craving” cycle.

  • To Improve your Mood and Sleep Quality

  • To Decrease your risk of developing Chronic Diseases (diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disorders)

  • To restore a positive Mindset and create ongoing healthy, daily habits.

  • To Take Control of your Health, your Life and Live to Your Potential.

NB. This challenge is only for those who are wanting to restore vitality and are committed to making a change in their eating habits, exercise habits and mindset.

It Is a CHALLENGE – and will require preparation, organisation, motivation, accountability, a positive mental attitude and some hard work but as you will see, it will be well worth it!

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