Vitality Back on Track - 4 Week Challenge

Are You Ready To Reach Your Potential? Do You Need Help Getting Back On Track?

Well Here’s the Thing… If you keep on doing the same things, you can only expect the same results!

If you want to embrace your life with Optimum Health, Vitality and Energy then it is up to you to choose to do things differently

The supplements use in this program are high quality practitioner-only brands.  Therefore it is a requirement before purchasing this program to please sign into your mammoth account or sign-up and complete the health questionnaire. One of our health care practitioners will review this information in order to provide you with access to the product. 
Once you're signed in and make a purchase, your credit card details and order will be taken however you will not be charged until our health care practitioner has conducted this review.
If you have any questions regarding this program don't hesitate contacting us on 0352 439084 and we will be happy to answer them and address any concerns so you get the best results.


  • are you eating comfort foods most days?
  • are you overeating?
  • are you drinking alcohol most nights?
  • are you feeling  sluggish, lethargic, unmotivated & toxic?
  • are you craving sugary, salty foods?
  • is your sleep disturbed or are you waking unrefreshed?
  • are you feeling unmotivated and lacking energy?
  • do you want to Take Back Control?
  • are you Motivated by a Challenge?

Well The “Back On Track 4-week Challenge” is for you!


  •  A comprehensive “Back on Track” Information Pack which outlines the program guidelines including a list of foods to enjoy and avoid whilst on the challenge, a daily eating plan and dietary targets, ingredients guide, tips and meal ideas; a detailed exercise requisite for the challenge and a daily checklist to keep you accountable.
  • Quality, high strength Supplements to support, feed, cleanse, restore and revitalise your body and nourish your nervous system on the Challenge

In order to renew and restore digestive health as well as nourish your nervous system we use the following 5 supplements:

1)    Quality magnesium that is highly absorbable

2)      Probiotic (therapeutic genus, species and strain)

3)      Intestinal repair and renew

4)      Zinc to support good intestinal health and detoxification pathways

In order to Release toxins from the blood stream and tissue we use

5)      Liver Antioxidant Formula

These supplements will be personalised and individually prescribed for you by one of our Health Practitioners according to your Health goals, requirements, current symptoms and any medications you may be taking.


  • To Look & Feel Fantastic
  • To Break the “food-craving” Cycle
  • To have Amazing Energy
  • To Increase your Vitality, Radiance & Wellness
  • To Maintain or even Decrease Weight
  • To Increase Confidence
  • To Improve Sleep Quality
  • To develop a Positive Mindset
  • To Create Healthy Daily Habits
  • To Take Back Control and Embrace life with renewed energy, zeal and positivity


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