PreConception Optimisation

A baby’s health, growth and development is influenced by parental lifestyle, nutrition and health behaviours. And in the past, the focus has been primarily on maternal health. But conception involves both female and male partners equally, which is why it is equally important to support both parents in the time leading up to conception.

Optimal parental health gives your new baby the best start in life and conception involves both female and male partners equally. This is why it is essential to support the optimal health of both parents in the time leading up to conception.

This preconception program is an optimal opportunity to lay the foundations for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and of course to give your child the best start in life. It is equally important that both men and women take the time to prepare themselves during the preconception peroid, to ensure the best traits possible are passed onto the child.

The Preconception Optimisation program is composed of 6 practitioner consultations with your Naturopath to address the following factors which can affect the health of your eggs and sperm. It is designed for both partners to attend each consultation together to address:

* nutritional support
* toxin exposure
* stress
* nutrient deficiencies
* dietary optimisateon
* lifestyle optimisation
* current health issues

Your practitioner has access to Hormone and Fertility genetic testing profiles to help better understand both your individual biological function. This profile can help optimise pregnancy health by identifying the most appropriate form of nutrients according to your profile which assists your practitioner to develop the most appropriate personalised nutritional support and dietary & lifestyle plan. 

When it comes to optimising Nutritional Status supplement quality is critical. Not all supplements are created equal, and not all supplements contain the best quality or most appropriate ingredients. Practitioner Prescribed supplements are the best quality on the market with optimal efficacy for an optimal preconception.

When Should I start

PreConception optimisation should ideally start 6-9 months before conception as sperm takes, on average, 76 days to develop and mature, and egg maturation occurs around 4 months before ovulation.
Allowing a minimum of 6 months allows time for any detoxification programs to be completed, for dietary and lifestyle changes to be implemented, nutritional deficiencies to be rectified and any relevant testing to be completed.

Of course, we know such a long lead time may not be possible so some preconception optimisation is better than nothing. Therefore anywhere from 6 weeks out from conception is also possible, with weekly consultations

This Program is a Practitioner-facilitated Program so please sign into or create your mammoth account or sign-up and complete the health questionnaire to enable you to purchase the program

Once you purchase this program here, one of our team members will contact you to organise your appointments with your Naturopath. If you live locally, you can chose to meet your practitioner face-to-face in our instore clinic, or alternatively, meet via Telehealth consultation in the comfort of your home, for flexibility and convenience.

The price of this program is for practitioner consultations only. Any testing or prescribed supplements will be at an additional cost.


If you have any questions regarding this program don't hesitate contacting us on 0352 439084 and we will be happy to answer them.

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