Vitality Clinical 6 Week - Practitioner-guided Health Reset Program

The Mammoth Health Clinical Vitality Health Reset Program is a Comprehensive, Professionally-supported Cleansing and Reset Program that has been expertly designed to safely and thoroughly reduce the toxic load on your body.

It has been designed to be used as a “Re-Set” – in those times when your dietary habits, lifestyle habits and environment are less than optimum, where your choices have been compromised and as a result have inadvertently created some bad habits. These undesirable habits have increased your toxin-burden and slowly undermined your health.
This challenge is perfect for you now that you are ready to make positive changes

It will leave you with more Energy and Vitality to live your life to its full potential.

You will be working one-on-one with your Naturopath who will personalise the program to your needs, support you, and use the latest “cutting edge” practitioner-prescribed supplements, research and knowledge.

This Program is a Practitioner-facilitated Program so please sign into or create your mammoth account or sign-up and complete the health questionnaire to enable you to purchase the program

Once you purchase this program here, one of our team members will contact you to organise your appointments with your Naturopath. If you live locally, you can chose to meet your practitioner face-to-face in our instore clinic, or alternatively, meet via Telehealth consultation in the comfort of your home, for flexibility and convenience.

If you have any questions regarding this program don't hesitate contacting us on 0352 439084 and we will be happy to answer them.


The Vitality Health Reset Program has been specially designed to expertly and professionally cleanse your whole body from toxic overload so you can Rebalance & Reset and step up to optimum health.

The 4 phases of a Successful Health Reset

Phase 1: Preparation Pre-week (1 week)

This preparation week is aimed to set up a good gut environment by ‘crowding-out’ undesirable bacteria, decreasing intestinal inflammation and relieving symptomatic bloating.

Phase 2: Building Foundations (2 weeks)

This phase predominantly focuses on supporting your gastrointestinal tract and optimising pH to set up an ideal environment for successful detoxing. It also works to support liver secretions and support bowel motility

Phase 3: Supporting & Optimising (2 weeks)

Gastrointestinal support and healing continues to be optimised in this phase as well as support and rebalancing of Phase one and two of liver detoxification.

Phase 4: Clearance and rebalancing (2 weeks)

Support of Phase 2 liver detoxification is continued in this phase as well as supporting gastrointestinal integrity and motility though rebalancing the microbiome.


a)     Naturopathic Consultations

You will receive 4 Private and Professional Consultations with your Qualified Naturopath who will guide you and personalise the program to your health needs and goals.
Your practitioner will support you throughout the program so that you achieve amazing results.

b)    Professional Information Booklet

You will receive a comprehensive Information Booklet which outlines the program theory and guidelines so that you achieve optimal results. The program booklet includes comprehensive information about your supplements and how they work;  a list of foods to enjoy and avoid;  a daily eating plan and dietary targets; ingredients guide, tips and meal ideas; a detailed exercise requisite and a daily checklist to help keep you on track and accountable.
The booklet also includes information about foods that will enhance your microbiome, ingredients to look out for in your cleaning and personal-care products, as well as optimal lifestyle changes you can incorporate to achieve superior results.
Your Naturopath will work will you to tailor your dietary, exercise and lifestyle targets to your individual needs and goals.

c)      Practitioner-Prescribed Supplement Protocol

Your Naturopath will prescribe quality, high strength ‘practitioner-only’ supplements to support, nourish, cleanse, restore and revitalise your body whilst you are on your program.
These supplements can only be prescribed to you when you are under a Health Practitioner’s professional care.

Week 1: Phase 1 - Preparation Pre-Week

The aim of this week is to set up an ideal internal environment. We do this by using a foundational probiotic strain to begin ‘crowding bad bacteria’, to reduce potential die-off symptoms. We also look to decrease intestinal inflammation and give symptomatic relief to bloating.

Week 2 & 3: Phase 2 – Building Foundations

The aim of this phase is to both support and repair the gastrointestinal tract as well as set up an ideal internal environment for a successful detox. This is done by optimising pH, supporting liver secretions, and supporting bowel motility.

There are 3 supplements used throughout this Detox Foundations phase:

1)      Milk Thistle, Green Tea, and Amino Acids for Optimal Detox

2)      Digestive Enzymes

3)      Detox Greens Powder

Week 4 & 5 : Phase 3 - Supporting & Optimising

As we continue to support, alkalise and heal the integrity of your gut, this phase also focuses on rebalancing phases of liver detoxification.

There are 3 supplements we use during this phase:

1)      Glutamine & Boswellia for Intestinal Integrity

2)      Continue with Milk Thistle, Green Tea, and Amino Acids for Optimal Detox

In order to Release toxins from the blood stream and tissue we use

3)      Herbal Liver Antioxidant Formula

Week 6 & 7: Phase 4 – Clearance and rebalancing

Support of Phase 2 liver detoxification is continued in this phase as well as supporting gastrointestinal integrity and motility though regenerating optimal strains of the microbiome.

The 2 supplements we use during this phase are

a)      Herbal Liver Antioxidant Formula (continued)

b)      Probiotic (therapeutic genus, species and strains)


One of the most common occurrences during cleansing and detox programs, especially one that focuses primarily on treating the liver without first correcting the environment and the gut, is the violent reaction most commonly known as a “Healing Crisis”.

We often hear stories of people who complain of symptoms of nausea, pain, headaches, lethargy, aggravation of inflammatory symptoms or increased sensitivity to dietary and environmental chemicals. This is caused by a stimulation of Phase 1 liver detoxification, without the correct nutrients to support the whole process. This leads to an increase in production of harmful substances (called “reactive intermediates”) that re-circulate throughout the body until Phase2 of the liver detoxification catches up.

These intermediates cause damage to cells and tissues, increase inflammation throughout the body and are responsible for those unpleasant and symptoms.


New insights into the way in which gut function contributes to disease has led to refinements in the way we approach your Health Reset and detoxification & repair.

Restoration of gut barrier integrity now takes precedence as one of the most fundamental and commonly compromised areas of health, and an intervention with significant potential to reduce the burden of chronic inflammation.

It is vital that the digestive system is repaired and renewed primarily before liver function is addressed. Once the digestive system is functioning properly and the external toxin load has been addressed through lifestyle and changes, the final stage is to enhance the innate detoxification processes, so that accumulated toxins within the body can be safely broken down and removed.


·       To overhaul, cleanse and heal your digestive system

·       To safely cleanse and remove, the built-up levels of toxins stored in your body

·       To reduce digestive symptoms

·       To improve Sleep Quality

·        To increase your Vitality, Radiance, & Wellness

·        To Look Fantastic

·        To Feel Fantastic

·        To learn how to eat well so you have full control over your dietary habits and break the “food- craving” cycle.

·        To Maintain or even Decrease Weight

·        To Increase your Confidence

·        To reduce symptoms of foggy head, and clarity of thought

·        To Decrease your risk of developing Chronic Diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)

·        To Develop a positive Mindset and create ongoing healthy, daily habits.

·        To Take Control of your Health, your Life and Live to Your Potential.

Take Control, lighten your toxic load, break those undesirable habits that do not serve you… and get your Vitality back to Live Your Best Life Now



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