Webinar - Growing Healthy Kids

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Most parents will be aware of this, however the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed in their 2015 report that, only 5% of Australian children are eating the recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables for children to grow and thrive and be healthy and happy.

This is an alarming statistic and should be of great concern to all of us for our children now and our children’s future health.

On this webinar, Anna will speak about the National children’s dietary guidelines: what are the essential food groups, how many serves should our children be eating from each food group and what actually is a serving size.
She will look at the most common nutrients deficiencies she sees in her child-patients and what to do about it. She will look at how to deal with fussy eaters and also look at sugar consumption in kids and how much is too much.

Jess will chat about children’s gut issues and constipation.
Brooke will discuss children’s allergies, anxiety and sleep issues.

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