Growing Healthy Kids

Now is a great time to take stock of your child’s health needs as they settle back into their school routine.
Ensuring your child gets the right nutrients so they can grow and thrive is at the forefront of any parent’s mind.
And as any parent will attest, if your child is unwell, is not happy, or is having trouble with schoolwork or with friends, it impacts them and the whole family.
As the saying goes…
as a parent you are only ever as happy as your unhappiest child”.

Happy, healthy, thriving children not only need to be active, but they need certain nutrients, as they go through their stages of growth and development.

Most parents will be aware of this, however the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed in their 2015 report that, only 5% of Australian children are eating the recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables for children to grow and thrive and be healthy and happy.

This is an alarming statistic and should be of great concern to all of us for our children now and our children’s future health.

Unfortunately, for 95% of Australian children, these nutritious fruits and vegetables are being replaced with high-sugar, high-fat and high-salt ‘discretionary’ foods that, whilst they give high energy, they contain no nutrients.
Because these foods taste nice, are filling and are ‘addictive’ they are often an easier option to have available for children.
The problem is, because these discretionary or ‘festive’ foods are now been eaten daily, and essential, nutritious foods are not, we are seeing a sharp rise in child obesity, anxiety, concentration and learning difficulties, gut problems and constipation, poor sleep, skin problems and lack of energy and vitality.

Do you know what foods, and how much, your child should be eating every day?

  • Do you know the nutritious food groups your child should be eating from daily?

    •Do you know how many serves of these nutritious foods your child should be eating daily?

    •Do you know how much is a serve?

    •Do you know what is classified as an essential daily food and what is a discretionary (festive) food?

  • Do you know how much and how often your child should be eating discretionary foods?

  • •Do you know the proportion of nutritious food vs discretionary food your child is eating now?

    •Do you know if your child is deficient in vital nutrients?

Now is a pivotal time to introduce positive dietary and lifestyle changes for your kids. And we are here to help you do this

Join us tomorrow night at 7pm as the Mammoth Health Naturopaths discuss and educate you on Growing Healthy Children.

Live WEBINAR: Growing Healthy Children
Wednesday 14th October at 7pm

We would love for you to join us, from the comfort of your home, tomorrow evening where our Naturopaths will chat about what it takes to Grow Healthy Children.

Anna will speak about the National children’s dietary guidelines: what are the essential food groups, how many serves should our children be eating from each food group and what actually is a serving size.
She will look at the most common nutrients deficiencies she sees in her child-patients and what to do about it.
She will look at how to deal with fussy eaters and also look at sugar consumption in kids and how much is too much.
Jess will chat about children’s gut issues and constipation.
Brooke will discuss children’s allergies, anxiety and sleep issues.

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You can watch it live with us tomorrow evening, or alternatively click the link anytime after the Webinar and watch the recording at your convenience.

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If your child is needlessly suffering with symptoms or you need help with ensuring your child is eating a nutritious diet, it is the time to Book a Professional Naturopathy consultation.
Our Naturopath, Anna Werner, has a special interest in working with children and their families and by working on their individual health needs and symptoms and your unique family circumstances, Anna experiences great success in addressing underlying causes and achieving optimal health and vitality for her younger patients so they can thrive as they grow, develop and learn.

The Mammoth Health Practitioner team has 3 consulting Naturopaths and an Acupuncturist who practises Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Consultations are available daily at our In-store Clinics or online via Telehealth for your flexibility and convenience. Book your Consultation Now

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