Webinar Emerging from Corona Healthier-Stronger-Happier

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On this Webinar our  practitioner team will be talking about what we have learnt about ourselves during lockdown and specifically:
*What does your life look like as you emerge from corona-lockdown?
*What do you want your life to look like as you emerge from corona-lockdown?
*How to address Iso-craving and Iso-drinking.
*What nutrients do our neurotransmitters need to create optimal neural pathways which support healthy habits

 If this is your first Live Event Webinar here are some instructions to help you join the webinar. 

Step 1:  To join the webinar-live event simply click on the link above a few minutes before the webinar is due to start.

Step 2: This page may ask you to watch the live event in Microsoft teams. If you don’t have Microsoft teams that is ok. Simply click on the button “Watch on Web instead”

Step 3: A screen will come that says “Welcome to the Live Event”  Click “Join Anonymously”

 Step 4: You are now in the Live Event.

We have also recorded some video instructions for you here:

 Teams - How to Join a Live event (Attendee).mp4
Simply hover your mouse over this link and press Ctrl+ Click to open and watch the recorded instructions

 Having trouble joining the Webinar?

If you are having trouble joining the Webinar can we recommend that you download Google Chrome and use that as the default internet browser? And then copy the webinar link and paste it in the Chrome URL bar.

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