Emerging from Corona: Healthier-Stronger-Happier

What does your life look like as you emerge from corona-lockdown?
What do you want your life to look like as you emerge from corona-lockdown?

With all the rapid changes we have experienced in recent months and the less then desirable consequences that COVID-19 has forced upon us, it would be great to focus on the positives that this extraordinarily rare opportunity that the lockdown has given most of us – and that is time to slow down and time to reflect on the way we have been living our lives…

  • what are the those things you do each day on auto-pilot?
  • are those things enriching your life or undermining your health and depleting you?
  • are you living your purpose? What is your life-purpose?
  • are you living a meaningful life?
  • are you living your life aligned to your values? Have you thought about what things are important to you?
  • how were you living 12 months ago? How would you like to be living in 12 month’s time?
  • what new habits have you developed either mindfully or mindlessly during lockdown?

Iso-Drinking has increased significantly during lockdown

It was reported in the media over the weekend that alcohol sales have increased significantly during the corona-lockdown. Stress and anxiety, great uncertainty, overwhelm with both kids and parents working and schooling from home, and boredom and lack of routine were cited as the reason why many of us are drinking more at the moment.

In fact, 1 in 4 people said they were drinking more alcohol with 1 in 6 people drinking every day.

Along with increased alcohol consumption is increased comfort-eating. Reports of weight gain, sluggishness, fatigue, and apathy are the biggest complaints we hear in-store and in our clinics due to comfort eating during lock-down.
Our brains are wired to seek out high-fat; high-sugar & high-salt foods. And so if we start relying on these foods as a crutch for stress and anxiety or boredom or lack of routine, our brain very quickly responds by reactivating that neural pathway and the craving cycle begins.

And finally, the lack of routine and forced social isolation has compromised our exercise routines. The enforced working from home has even compromised and reduced the incidental movement that most of us did pre-Covid. And of course this negatively impacts not only our waistline but our mental health and physical health generally.

So what have you learned about yourself during Lockdown and how are you going live your life as we emerge from Corona?

Webinar: Emerging from Corona: Healthier-Stronger-Happier

Join us tomorrow evening at 7pm on our free Wednesday Wellness Webinar as our Practitioner team discuss how to emerge from Corona-lockdown healthier, stronger and happier.

Our Wellness Coaches will be chatting about how to take the positives of corona-lockdown and create your ideal and healthiest life post-Covid.
And our Naturopaths will give you their professional strategies to address iso-comfort eating and iso-drinking as well as share with you the must-have nutrients your neurotransmitters need to re-route and create new neural pathways to help replace cravings with healthy choices.


If you would like to join us tomorrow evening and be part of our Wednesday Wellness Webinar community simply reply to this blog with your name and best email. We will add you to our list and
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We are looking forward to you joining us tomorrow evening.

Get the Best Advice & Solutions from Qualified Practitioners

If you need some Professional help with comfort eating and cravings and designing and implementing your new and healthy post-Covid life now is the time to book a professional consultation with the Mammoth Health Practitioners.
By working with you personally and professionally our Naturopaths and Wellness Coaches experience great success in addressing underlying causes and achieving optimal healthy and sustainable lifestyles for their clients.
Consultations are available daily at via Telehealth for flexibility and convenience or if you prefer face-to-face in our Instore Clinics.  Book your Consultation Now

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