Healthy Preconception, Pregnancy & Beyond

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful stages of life and providing your baby with the best possible start to life is a wonderful gift you can give your child.

Join us on our Webinar, “Healthy Preconception, Pregnancy & Beyond” tomorrow night at 7pm where our Naturopaths will discuss not only how  optimising your health before conception positively impacts your child for generations to come, but also how to navigate the three trimesters of pregnancy and the unique nutritional needs, emotional needs and the role your diet and exercise plays in the your child’s future health.

Brooke, who is also currently on this pregnancy journey herself, is in the unique position of sharing a practitioner perspective as well as her personal experience of how to optimise your pregnancy to give your baby the best start in life.

In your first trimester she will  focus on the importance of specific nutrients required in this critical period of development, as well as how to manage the common symptoms you may experience and the roller coaster ride of emotions and mindset.
Second trimester’s focus is on the importance of your daily diet and the influence exercise has for both physical and mental preparation. Brooke will outline the key nutrients needed for your baby’s development as we support optimal DNA replication as your baby grows and develops at a rapid rate.

Third trimester is all about optimising your diet and managing discomforts as you prepare for birth and those critical first few weeks with your new baby. Often called the fourth trimester, post birth is all about healing and restoring your reproductive organs and replenishing critical nutrients as you care and share the beautiful journey of life with your new baby.

Webinar: Healthy Preconception, Pregnancy & Beyond
Wednesday 25th November at 7pm

You are invited to join us from the comfort of your home on Wednesday 25th November at 7pm where our Naturopaths will be discussing Healthy Preconception, Healthy Pregnancy and a Healthy 4th Trimester

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Congratulations on your decision to become parents and for making the conscious choice to achieve optimal health for both you and your baby. If you need professional help in learning which nutrients are best for both you and your partner at each phase of preconception and pregnancy, it is time to seek practitioner help and book a Professional Naturopathy consultation. Our Naturopaths can guide you and your partner on this wonderful journey to give both you, your partner and your baby the best possible start.
Consultations are available daily at our In-store Clinics or online via Telehealth, for your flexibility and convenience. Book your Consultation Now

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