Autumn Game-Changers

Yesterday was our Autumnal Equinox and the official start of Autumn here in Australia.
Autumn heralds a slowing of pace, a transitioning of food to accommodate the cooler temperatures, and a focus on building our body’s resilience in preparation for the Winter months ahead.

As any gardener would know, Autumn is a perfect time to plant and sow… as there is still enough warmth in the air and soil for plants to establish their root systems before Winter. If planting is left too late, when the warmth is all gone, then they won’t get a chance to establish themselves before the Winter-cold sets in. Thus, they won’t have established a strong base for the vigorous growing season in Spring. And we will be left with weakened plants, prone to attack and disease.

And so it is the same with us.

If you don’t take advantage of these Autumn months to establish and maintain good heath and good habits that nourish your vitality, your immunity, and your nervous system, then your body may become exposed, weakened, and prone to attack when the Winter viruses emerge.

The issue this Autumn, as we are all aware, is that we are already exposed to the highly transmissible BA.2 subvariant of Omicron that is circulating within our community. Coupled with our ‘naïve’ immune systems, as a result of lockdowns and increased hygiene measures for the past two years, experts are predicting a higher than usual double-whammy of Flu cases, couple with Covid this Winter.

Now is the Perfect time to Prepare for the Months ahead

In complementary health, I have always maintained that the concept of ‘prevention’ is a hard concept to convey to clients and patients. Because it is a human tendency to only change when we are forced to, i.e. when we become unwell or suffer from post-viral symptoms that undermine our quality of life.
But part of a Naturopath’s duty of care, is to not only help with current health issues, but also help prevent future health issues so you can live a healthy and purposeful life.
Thus, the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy daily routines now, like exercise, nourishing foods and personalised supplementation is paramount to optimising health and vitality over Winter.

The daily choices we make now, and the mindset we embrace will ultimately reflect in a quality life and a happier life.

4 Positive Things to do this Autumn

1. Re-stock your Pantry with Seasonal Foods and start embracing healthy eating

Do a pantry/fridge audit and remove all those tempting ‘festive’ foods. Then restock with seasonal foods – the ones that are nutrient-rich and will feed and nurture your body and keep you satisfied.
As the seasons change, so should your foods and cooking methods. Search and experiment with recipes for light soups, curries, risottos and warm salads – all nourishing meals for the transition from warmer months to cooler months.

2. The Power of Supplementation

We are all living in an environment that brings very unique challenges, and, coupled with the associated prolonged stress we have being experiencing for the past couple of years,  supplementation can provide a vital role.
 It is an absolute given that you need to support your immune system with immune nutrients, builders and tonics.
However, signs of lowered vitality include tiredness, lethargy, fogginess & poor concentration, digestive problems, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, poor sleep, increased anxiety and lowered mood. Personalised supplementation is vital for your individualised needs to combat the negative effects of modern-day living and promote health and vitality. Talk to one of our Naturopaths in-store or make an appointment for a private consultation at the Mammoth Health Clinic

My 4 Top Tonics to use this Autumn


Astragalus is a major herb prescribed in China for strengthening the immune system and also has the added benefit of being a potent energy tonic and powerful antioxidant.


There are proven strains of gut flora that boost resistance to infection. And considering our gut is responsible for 75% of our immunity it make sense to have correctly balanced flora.


Withania is an Ayurvedic herb (traditional Indian) and one of my favourites for stress and debility.
And considering stress compromises our immune system it is important to get support in times of need.


Rhodiola is an adaptogen and helps the body to maintain normal mental and physical performance during periods of elevated stress. It supports the body by being very rejuvenating and restorative and helps it adapt to the changes of our busy everyday life.

3. Maintain or Start a Daily Exercise/Movement ritual

By planning and scheduling daily exercise into your diary, you are effectively prioritising your physical health, your mental health, and your mood as you adapt to change.

In line with current health recommendations, we are all advised to undertake a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps most days of the week. Gentle to brisk walking is recommended because it is a convenient mild form of training. It carries a low risk of injury. It is accessible to everyone, and we can walk at a self-selected comfortable pace. However, dancing, biking, golfing, swimming etc are also fantastic forms of exercise. The trick is to find what suits you and do it!

For those who have already been walking or exercising regularly you have probably found that you get fit relatively quickly. So, the trick is to consistently increase your exercise intensity and frequency to maintain the training effect. A great way to do this is to join forces with a friend who has the same motivation as you. Walking together is not only enjoyable but it keeps you accountable – no one likes to let friends down, so you make the extra effort to meet and walk as planned – and from experience you are always glad you did.

4. Resolve to Relax & Have some Fun

When was the last time you had fun? Do you remember the things you used to do to have fun?
Isn’t it funny how life gets just so busy that we forget about our hobbies and the things we used to do for pure enjoyment. They tend to be buried in a past life.

It is time to schedule daily ‘time-outs’ for relaxation and fun stuff. It may, for some, take a little time and effort just remembering the things you used to do for fun. But it is well worth thinking about.
Living a balanced life between work and play has a huge impact on our health, our vitality, our longevity and our happiness.


Get the best advice from Qualified Practitioners

If you need professional help in building your immunity and addressing ongoing stress and anxiety, it is time to book in for a consultation with one of our Naturopaths. The Mammoth Health team of Naturopaths are available for consultation at our In-store Clinics or via Telehealth for your convenience. Consultations are available daily. Book your Consultation Now

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