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In today’s blog I chat to Eloise Belli-Youston, one of Mammoth’s consulting Naturopaths. Many of you will know Eloise as she is one of the amazing Naturopaths that helps solve your health problems when you come in-store. But Eloise also consults in the Mammoth Health Naturopathy clinic and experiences extraordinary results with her patients. As I chat to Eloise you will start to realise why she gets these amazing results and understand her beautiful gift of connecting, understanding and healing.

Eloise’s philosophy around healing is restoring balance to the body and mind.
As I sit and chat to Eloise about her philosophy around healing she explains,

“Healing looks different for every person, which is why it is so important to take a personal and individualised approach to each patient that I see.
A key tenant of naturopathic philosophy is to restore balance to both body and mind, and therefore the roadmap back to balance is never the same for any one person.
The first step always, is to gain a thorough understanding about what is going on for the person sitting in front of me. I do this through in-depth questioning, delving into not only their personal health history and symptoms but, also the environmental and genetic factors that they may be predisposed to.
Working together with each patient’s personal health goals and values, whilst formulating an achievable and sustainable dietary and lifestyle plan are foundational for long-term health optimisation.
I use herbal medicines and nutritional supplements where necessary to facilitate the healing process and, along with this traditional knowledge, ensure that everything I prescribe is supported by the latest evidence and research.”

Eloise grew up in a large, combined-family, with very creative parents who always encouraged her to question everything and think ‘outside the box’!

I’m sure my upbringing informs the way I practice, as a huge amount of what I do as a Naturopath involves putting lots of different puzzle pieces together, like a detective gaining a complete understanding of the health of each patient.

Growing up, Eloise spent many days at the beach and went for lots of bush walks down the coast. Nature was never far. 
Therefore, studying Naturopathy was a natural evolutionary process as it combined two of her passions - nature and science. 
The healing power of nature had always inherently made sense to Eloise as nature has always been her personal place of healing.  Eloise instinctively gravitates to the beach and the bush in times of need and healing and their power has taught her so much.

“I feel lucky to have a blended family with multiple parent figures because I think being exposed to lots of different people, personalities, and ways of life in my formative years has allowed me to be a very open and accepting person and clinician. It has allowed me to be able to form connections and work with everyone no matter their age or background.”  

 Eloise’s passion lies in optimising gut health

“Our bodies are wonderfully complex where both mind-body and every organ and system is interconnected in some way, where it is now generally accepted that not one part of our body works in isolation therefore it is crucial to treat holistically.

Which is why I always start with gut health.

Modern research is now catching up with what Hippocrates professed over 2000 years ago that most illnesses and diseases can be linked back to the gut.
I am passionate about optimising microbiome health which has a flow on effect to the rest of the body. Identifying the most indicated strain-specific bacteria is imperative for each client and drawing on the latest research evidence ensures that all my patients have confidence that their treatments are scientifically valid.

As I work on optimising gut health, I am also looking to enhance energy and vitality as I see so many people who are burning the candle at both ends and struggling to get through the day. Ensuring that clients are getting good quality sleep is another passion of mine as this is pivotal for good health and I have seen the wonders that herbal medicines can make in this area. I also love supporting the immune system, mental health and women’s health”.   

Eloise is also passionate about prevention medicine as this is always better than cure. Although it tends not to be in human nature to focus on health until something goes wrong, using foods and healthy lifestyles as medicine is fundamental to Eloise’s treatments as this provides the foundations to sustainable long-term health. She loves creating personalised herbal medicines as each bottle can be individualised for each person, curated specifically for their health needs.  

Before becoming a naturopath Eloise spent some time travelling in New Zealand and Asia, visiting some of the world’s most beautiful places and meeting some beautiful people. Naturally, she felt very at home in New Zealand, surrounded by mountains, trees and crystal-clear waters.
She had previously started her education in a degree-course that left her feeling very uninspired, so she withdrew from Uni altogether, packed up her things and got on a plane. Walking in nature has always been a form of medicine for Eloise so she took off on a long solo hike through the wilderness where from somewhere in the depths of her psyche, she remembered she had considered studying naturopathy in the past. She subsequently kept finding herself drawn to the course brochure so she enrolled and 6 months later came home and started her degree.  

I asked Eloise how she helps people heal…

“I start by genuinely listening to my patients and uncovering their true health goals and vision by creating a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental environment.
I find that there is a lot of power in listening.
Education plays a major role as I like to empower and support my patients to make sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle while I provide herbal and nutritional medicine to not only treat the root cause of what is happening, but control symptoms to ensure that each patient starts feeling better as soon as possible”.  

“My ultimate vision and purpose in this life is to inspire and help people to feel good and live their lives in a sustainably healthy way”

If you would like to make an appointment to see Eloise  and experience her true gift of listening, understanding, and healing, Book here Now. Eloise is available for consultation Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays

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