Southern Light Herbs Yerba Mate


Yerba mate is also packed with antioxidants and is a natural source of caffeine, traditionally used to strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, and aid in digestion, among other benefits.

Yerba mate is sometimes referred to as “the green tea of South America”, but it’s not really a tea at all. However, when comparing yerba mate vs green tea, you see that these beverages have both similarities and differences.

Both yerba mate and green tea naturally contain caffeine and antioxidants, although yerba mate contains more, with a total of 24 essential vitamins and minerals as part of its impressive 196 active compounds. Yerba mate and green tea have different preparation and serving methods, which you can learn all about on this website.

Finally, there’s the flavour. While green tea is generally lighter and more delicate, yerba mate can produce richer, more fragrant flavours, with sweet, herbaceous, and earthy tones depending on how it is served.


Brewing suggestion:  Minimum of 1 Tsp per cup | 100 degrees | Brew for 4 mins. Allow to cool to avoid burns.


Certified Organic Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)

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