Lifestream Spirulina Blue Performance 300 Mini Tabs


Lifestream Spirulina Performance is a nutrient-rich superfood that provides extra strength energy and antioxidant support with a natural vanilla taste. Ideal for busy, active or stressful lifestyles with higher levels of phycocyanin than Lifestream’s other spirulina. When taken as a part of a healthy diet made up of a variety of foods.

Lifestream Spirulina Performance:

Provides iron and vitamin B12 that supports increased energy demands

Supports high performance and muscle recovery

Provides protection against oxidative stress

Is naturally bioavailable

The spirulina is grown away from pollution in pure mineral-rich water. It is non-GMO and sustainably sourced by the global leaders in microalgae research and cultivation.


Lifestream Mini Spirulina Blue Performance

Adults:  10 tabs (2.5g) daily

Children 6-12 yrs: 5 tabs (1.25g) daily

Increased amounts can be taken as advised by your healthcare professional


100% pure blue spirulina powder 2.49g (10 Tabs)

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