Bioceuticals MCT Activ Oil

MCT Activ contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut and/ or palm kernel oils. MCTs are lipids composed of three fatty acids witha chain length of 6-12 carbon atoms attached to a glycerol backbone. Compared to long chain fatty acids, MCTs have a smaller molecular structure and are more readily digested and converted to energy.

BioCeuticals is a practitioner-only brand. As a requirement from BioCeuticals, to purchase products from the BioCeuticals range, please sign into your mammoth account or sign-up and complete the health questionnaire. One of our health care practitioners will review this information in order to provide you with access to the product.
Once you're signed in and make a purchase, your credit card details and order will be taken however you will not be charged until our health care practitioner has conducted this review.

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