Mid Year Resolutions

For many of us the Winter solstice can a significant turning point. It is officially the shortest day of the year and a turning point as then the days get longer. Such a subtle shift in our mindset can significantly affect our outlook. Many of us are a little more optimistic about Winter even though we know there is still have a fair bit of cold weather ahead of us.

This year’s Winter Solstice falls on Monday 21st June and it traditionally celebrates the birth of the new solar year, and, for us in the southern hemisphere, the beginning of Winter.
 It symbolises the innate creative powers of nature that lie just below the surface and it reaffirms that from this day, as the days lengthen, the growth of new life will be assured and the seeds sown will break through the darkened earth, drawing energy from the life-sustaining rays of the sun.

The Winter Solstice is traditionally a time to come together with friends to celebrate but is also a great opportunity to find some time to spend alone to reflect, refocus and reset.

Whilst many companies use this time of year to do their annual stock-take, we can personally take time to take-stock of our own lives. It is a wonderful opportunity to think back to our New Year’s Resolutions, to contemplate ‘the seeds’ we have planted and to be grateful for all that has come to pass during the first half of the year. And perhaps to refine and refocus, or discard some of the now irrelevant goals and habits and make some new Mid-Year Resolutions.

And for those green thumbs amongst us… don’t forget the Winter Solstice is the perfect time to plant garlic. So over the next few days spend some time in the garden… reflecting, enjoying the present moment and becoming grounded.

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