How to Get Back on Track and Live your Healthiest Year in 2022


It is about this time of year, after Summer festivities have slowed, kids are back at school and we are back to our weekly routines, I see a lot of people wanting to make dietary and lifestyle changes to aspire to live the best version of themselves.  
And like you, at the start of each year, I also think about how I’m going to be a better, healthier version of myself. I think about how I can achieve a little more balance with my life, not stress the small stuff so much, and try to live my daily life aligned to those things that are important to me - healthy food choices, daily exercise and enough restorative sleep and relaxation.

The hardest thing about these aspirations however,  is the committing and the doing. The planning of how we are going to implement these changes into our lives in our everyday work days, school drop-offs and pick-ups, shopping, caring, cooking, socialising… etc

One thing about making changes is that we are often contemplating about making that change for a while before we ever do anything about it. And we have often tried to make that change before but have not really succeeded in sustaining it.
This is normal.
The beauty of implementing changes this time of year however, is that most of us have had a break away from our daily routine over Summer and have had the time to envision and dream of what we would be like, if we were living our best lives.

It’s Time to Take the First Step and Re-Set

Often after the Christmas, New Year and Summer celebrations, it can be difficult to break the festive habit.
Are you finding that you are still over eating, indulging in feasting foods, drinking too much and too often, and consequently feeling sluggish, lethargic, bloated, unmotivated and toxic?
You are possibly not sleeping well, craving sugary, high fat foods and generally lacking energy and a zest for life. If this sounds like you (and you’re not alone), then our “Back on Track” Reset Program is for you

Positivity, good decisions, a strong mind and body and resilience all start with the basics – eating well, moving well and sleeping well.
Are you ready to join us and start living the best version of you….Mammoth’s BACK on TRACK Challenge is now on. Come on in to Mammoth Health and pick up your Back on Track 4 week Challenge now and make this Year your best Year.

Because it's Not a Rehearsal
Live Better

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