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 Today I would like to introduce Louise Spolding a practising Myotherapist at Mammoth Health, to share with you her amazing insights, expertise and passion for the healing powers of soft tissue therapy.

 Lots of people ask, what is Myotherapy? And Louise explains very simply, “myo” means muscles, so it is ‘hands on’ therapy for your muscles, a technique used to treat and prevent musculoskeletal pain, injury and restricted movement.
In a myotherapy session you may experience a range of massage techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, corrective exercise, muscle stretching and hot and cold therapy. The aim is for Louise to draw upon her extensive professional toolbox of techniques so your personalised treatment restores movement, reduces pain and returns your body back to its natural balance.

As I sit and chat to Louise about her philosophy around healing, she explains that she works to address the problem at hand (i.e. the pain site) but she also works to release any other stress and pressure on the your body. She explains that pain is often ‘referred’ from a series of dysfunctional muscles and thus a holistic approach of treating these ‘referring’ muscles is vital for long term results.
It is equally important to get regular ‘maintenance’ treatments every 4-6 weeks to keep releasing the tension and tightness of these connecting muscles, otherwise you run the risk of your ‘pain-site’  flaring and for pain to disrupt your lifestyle.

Louise is the eldest of 5 kids and grew up on a farm in Lismore in Western Victoria.

Like most small towns she spent her weekends playing sport – footy & netball in Winter, tennis & cricket in Summer. Summer holidays were spent camping at Ocean Grove, otherwise they would spend the hot days at the local swimming pool.
Louise attended the local primary and secondary school and then moved to Ballarat for University.

“I come from a big family with 100 first cousins! My kids won’t quite have as many cousins as I do, but they are really lucky to have 10 cousins of similar age with no doubt a few more to come!’

Louise first became interested in remedial massage whilst she was at university. In her first year of Uni, she studied Phys-Ed teaching and it was in this course she met her husband, Jacob.
Halfway through that first year she knew Phys-Ed wasn’t for her so she started looking into what else she could do.

 ‘I knew I wanted something health related’ and when searching through possible career options she stumbled across the Australian College of Sports Therapy in Melbourne and the myotherapy course they offered.
She travelled to Melbourne, to the student clinic for a treatment and to have a chat about what a Myotherapist did, and that is what ignited her life-long passion for myotherapy.

Louise’s passion lies in the challenge of treating a variety of clients of different ages and abilities and being able to help people get the most out of their bodies when everything is in balance and restored as it should be. As a serial ‘jaw-clencher’ herself, she understands and is rewarded by the relief she offers those who experience tension headaches and migraines.

However her special interest lies in treating women throughout their pregnancy and postnatal journey.

“My passion for treating women throughout their pregnancy and postnatal journey has really flourished since I became a mum. I have 3 very busy, gorgeous and at times challenging little girls! Evie 7, Milla 5, and our little firecracker Elsie, who is 2.
Evie was the dream pregnancy – first time around, I had no pain or aches, I absolutely cruised through.
However, the next two pregnancies, and in particular the 3rd with Elsie was very different.
I had pelvic stability issues, back pain, and at times, restless legs. I know first-hand how hands on therapy can help manage and relieve some of this discomfort associated with pregnancy so I absolutely love being able to help pregnant women throughout that journey.
And I also know first-hand the challenges and difficult road of IVF and so I feel very privileged to be able to understand and support other women on this journey.

And of course once bub arrives – there’s a whole new range of aches and pains associated with looking after a new bub and all that comes with it.
So I love to help take away some of that pain and stiffness and ease the journey of motherhood which has its own unique set of challenges.

 After 17 years as a practising Myotherapist, Louise has extensive knowledge and experience in healing. From being a team massage therapist at a VFL football club to working in therapeutic remedial clinics to being offered the opportunity to travel to Europe this year with the Matildas Soccer team as the team massage therapist, we feel very privileged to have Louise consulting from Mammoth Health.

If you suffer from pain, if excess stress if affecting your wellbeing or if you are pregnant and on your motherhood journey it will pay to book an appointment to see Louise.
Appointments can be made by calling Mammoth Health on 5243 9085 or booking Online now.


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