Having Trouble Falling Asleep?

 Zizyphus (Zizyphus jujuba var spinosa) or Chinese date has been traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past 1700 years for insomnia, nervous tension, and anxiety.

Its properties were thought to “quieten the spirit and replenish the body during sleep”. And according to Xu Dachun, a Qing Dynasty physician, “Everyone knows that one employs Zizyphus if one cannot sleep”.

I always remember Zizyphus being a favourite herb of one of my university lecturers, where she had particular success with menopausal women, as this herb is particularly good for anxiety, with excess sweating (especially at night).
She described it as ‘nourishing to yin’ where both adrenal depletion or menopausal transition sees overworked adrenal glands compromised from excess stress, anxiety or diminishing oestrogen,  thus depleting a person’s Qi or vitality.

Trouble Falling Asleep?

Sleep disturbances and insomnia can be loosely characterized as trouble falling asleep (onset), and/or trouble staying asleep.
Zizyphus shines with sleep onset problems, especially where anxiety, restlessness or irritability prevails. This is because your body reaches peak serum levels of its active constituents within 45 minutes. However, it will only stay in the body for less than 4 hours, which is why we always include several herbs in our herbal mixes. This ensures we are addressing sleep onset, duration and quality, as well as the underlying drivers contributing to insomnia such as anxiety, stress, worry, hormonal imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance, restlessness, pain etc.

Zizyphus is another of my very favourite herbs and is included in our Dreamweaver and StressBuster herbal mixes. These mixes are available in-store and personalized to your particular needs. However, you will need to come in-store a have a short consultation with one of our qualified Naturopaths to ensure you are getting the right solution for your specific health needs.

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If you feel you need Practitioner Help with Stress, Anxiety or Insomnia, it is the time to book a professional consultation with the Mammoth Health Naturopaths.
By working on your individual health needs, our Practitioner team experience great success in addressing underlying causes and achieving optimal health and vitality for our patients. But it is important to start Now.

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