Christmas Reflection

We wish you and your family a very Happy and Joyous Christmas and we’d like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your support and let you know that each one of you makes a difference to us.

It is such a privilege and pleasure to be able to work, on a daily basis, with people like you.  It makes our work so much more enjoyable, empowering and rewarding.

Hopefully you will get an opportunity to relax this festive season with your family and friends… even if it is just for a few days.
Taking time out to slow down, reflect or just do nothing, is important for body, mind and spirit.
We all need time out to renew and replenish and rebalance… and we all need a little time to daydream. This year has given us all an extraordinary opportunity to reflect and clarify what is really important to us… to re-establish our values and make decisions to live our lives according to those values.

I hope your experience at Mammoth Health this year has been enriching, supportive and helpful.
I feel very privileged to have watched how our amazing team remained a supportive and calming presence in many people’s lives when the world was in chaos. How they worked so hard as a team to remain strong and united, to help in any way they could.
We are overwhelmed with your support and thank you for spending some time with us throughout the year.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the year that has been, we believe that the secret to great health, happiness and wellbeing is not so much in gaining or acquiring, but in Giving Back. As individuals, it may seem that our choices, efforts and impact can be insignificant on a local and global front. But we believe Together we Can Make a Difference.

Merry Christmas and we hope you have a Wonderful and Healthy 2021.


Mammoth Health Christmas Hours

Thursday 24th December: 9am – 3pm
Friday 25th December: Closed
Saturday 26th December: Closed
Monday 28th December: Closed
Friday 1st January: Closed

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
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