7 Simple Tips to reduce your Toxic Load

 By the time you have left your home this morning the average women would have exposed herself to over 200 chemicals and the average man, around 100 chemicals according to Nicole Bijlsma (the Health Home Expert).

There are many chemicals and toxic substances we are exposed to daily that we don’t have much control over such as car fumes, paints, other people’s fragrances, radiation, air pollution, off-gassing from soft furnishings and the like.
Many of these chemicals are known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals or ‘EDC’s’ because they interfere with the natural hormones we produce.

Whist we can’t control our exposure to every chemical and toxin when we walk out the door, we can control many of the toxins found inside our homes, cars and offices.

Indoor pollution has been shown to be a major contributor to disease according to the World Health Organisation.
Some of the main culprits include paints, household chemicals and personal care products, cigarette smoke and off-gassing from soft furnishings, carpets, cars and even clothes.

Overuse of household chemicals such as the combination of cleaning products, air fresheners, mould/mildew removers and insect repellants have been linked to an increased risk of disease development, specifically hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer.

For many of us, this information may be a little overwhelming as there are many toxins we come into contact with daily. The aim however, is focus on the toxins we can control and reduce exposure to these ones.

Here are our top 7 Simple Tips to reduce your exposure to the toxins we can control...

1.Remove your shoes before entering your home

This reduces the amount of dirt, dust, and toxic matter you bring inside

2. Ensure good ventilation helps prevent dust, damp and mould formation.

Opening windows especially in areas where damp accumulates such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

3. Utilities the Power of Indoor Plants

Not only are indoor plants beautiful, they have the added bonus of being natural air purifiers by absorbing and neutralizing many air-borne toxins

4. Natural skincare, haircare and makeup

Phthalates, which are the artificial fragrances used in deodorants, skin creams, lotions & cleansers, shampoo & conditioners, perfumes & nail polish can disrupt your hormones. There is also a growing body of evidence that show parabens found in skin care and other personal products can affect your hormones and fertility.
As many ingredients can be absorbed through your skin, it is important to assess the products you are using and invest in your health by choosing more natural skincare and makeup options

Safe and ethical brands to look for include Inika makeup, Botani skincare, Weleda skincare, Giovanni hair care, Woohoo and Black Chicken deodorants, Aloedent and Magic mud toothpastes Wotnot and Eco suncreens and Ecotan natural tanning

5 .Reduce the chemical load as you clean your home

This is easily done now with the quality ‘chemical-free’ cleaning products now available. Gone are the days where you have to mix up your own bicarb-soda with vinegar and a touch of essential oil to reduce the toxic load. Look for quality and ethical brands such as  ‘ABODE’ or the new PLANET LUXE range that are truly chemically free and actually work.

Microfibre cloths are amazing to effectively remove dust, pollens and dander. Not only do they require less cleaning product to work but they are environmentally and economically sustainable as a quick machine wash will ensure you can use them for years.

6. Replace plastic containers to reduce your BPA exposure.

Plastic is everywhere. Just look at how any of your food enters your house and you’ll be astounded that it is all wrapped in plastic.
The issue with plastic is not only is it a huge environmental concern, it also contains Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is a known endocrine disruptor – thus wreaks havoc with our hormones.
Storing and transporting foods without the use of plastic has never been easier with the large range of glass, stainless steel and lead-free ceramics now available.
You can now get any sized storage containers, stainless steel and silicone straws, drink bottles, keep-cups, bread bags, veggie bags and food-grade silicone food covers to replace plastic containers and clingwraps.

7. Use a HEPA filter

A HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter in vacuum cleaners. The acronym ‘HEPA’ mans high-efficiency particulate air’ and works by trapping harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and tobacco smoke. Many quality vacuum cleaners now have HEPA filters built in but it is a good idea to double check.

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