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boostyourimmunitygarden‘A severe flu season is predicted, yet many aren’t willing to protect themselves’ writes Katrina Creer in Sunday’s Body and Soul (Herald Sun, 18/5/14). She goes on to say that ‘experts predict three strains of flu will hit all age groups. These include the swine flu (H1N1) strain, the H3N2 flu strain and influenza B strains. It’s still autumn, yet a higher than usual 3488 diagnosed flu cases have been reported’.

Our Winter Tool Kit

Every year, around this time the team at Mammoth Health draw upon their expert knowledge and the latest research to develop a Winter Tool Kit – a take-home, Program Pack that includes Four Tools or strategies to helparm you against winter viruses. It will have you fighting fit, full of energy and looking fabulous this winter!

And It Has Been Designed To Empower You To Take Back Control Of Your Health This Winter

It’s Simple!    It’s Easy!   It’s Fun!

Just Follow The 4 Easy Steps In Our ToolKit And Don’t Let Illness Sabotage Your Life This Winter.

Step 1:   Eat Well

A healthy immune system attacks the virus and renders it harmless – most of the time you would never know that we have been exposed to a bug.
If however you have a diet high in sugar, processed foods, preservatives and unhealthy fats, our immune system is compromised because these foods actually deplete our immune system. They “disarm” it.  So when the time comes to fight a virus, your immune system is not only weakened by the sugars, fats, and refined foods, it also doesn’t have the available nutrients to draw upon to “fight the battle”. The result being, the virus infiltrates your line of defence and takes up residence in your body. And you soon know about it!
Follow our Healthy Winter Eating Guide to keep you full of energy and vitality throughout Winter.

Step 2:   Supplement Immune Tonics And Stress Support Nutrients

We use supplements to help our body to not only cope with the side effects of modern day living but to help us live optimally. And to optimise our immune system for winter we supplement with not only immune tonics to build up and support our immunity but also nervines to help nourish and nurture our nervous system. Let’s face it, many of us face many pressures in our daily lives and too much stress will comprise your immune system. So it is vital that your nourish and nurture your nervous system to stay well and vital.

Step 3.   Exercise – Make It A Priority

In line with current health recommendations we are all advised to undertake a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps most days of the week. Gentle to brisk walking is recommended because it is a convenient mild form of training. It carries a low risk of injury. It is accessible to everyone and we can walk at a self-selected comfortable pace. However dancing, biking, golfing, swimming etc are also fantastic forms of exercise. The trick is to find what suits you and do it!
So this winter grab a woolly hat, scarf, gloves and jacket and Make Exercise a Priority…and feel the difference!

Step 4:   Find Time To Relax & Have Fun

When was the last time you had fun? Do you remember the things you used to do to have fun?
Isn’t it funny how life gets just too busy that we forget about our hobbies and the things we used to do for pure enjoyment. They tend to be buried in a past life.

It is time to schedule daily ‘time-outs’ for relaxation and fun stuff.  It may, for some, take a little time and effort just remembering the things we used to do for fun!  But it is well worth thinking about.
Living a balanced life between work and play has a huge impact on our health, our vitality, our longevity and our happiness.

For more information about our Winter Toolkit pop in-store and talk to one of our experts.

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
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