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You are Invited to our Corona-Combat Webinar

We are now approaching the precipice of uncertainty and upheaval here in Australia as the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads rapidly throughout our world and we are waking to the news of some of the devasting effects it is causing in its wake throughout Italy and Europe.

It is a very normal reaction to feel stressed, fearful, panicked and worried about the immediate future and the insecurity of the times.
But an important strategy I use with my clients in times of upheaval, is to seek out the right information and take proactive steps to implement that information and advice.

This is a very important strategy as it switches your mindset from insecurity, worry and powerlessness (which causes a paralysis of action) to a mindset of clear focus and direction which empowers you to take positive action – which in this case – is to do all you can to keep you and your family healthy and well, both physically & mentally as well as emotionally & spiritually during these times of upheaval.

Positive action breeds confidence, self-belief and positivity, which we all need to draw upon as we move together as a community through these unprecedented times.

Corona-Combat Webinar – Wednesday 25th March at 6pm

You are invited to join us for this Free Webinar where our consulting Naturopaths will share with you the best solutions you can use to:

  1. Immune Build – what you can do now to optimize your immunity
  2. Immune Boost – what you should be doing if you come down with the coronavirus (or any virus for that matter) to reduce the severity and longevity of symptoms thus reducing transmission.
  3. Answer your questions as best we can about COVOID-19 and the impact on your health

Cornoa-Combat Webinar RSVP

If you would like to join us on Wednesday evening at 6pm from the comfort of your own home please reply with your Name and email address and we will send you an invitation with all the details on how to join.

Now is the time to Build your Immunity

Follow Our Coronavirus-Combat Protocol for the Best Protection

  1. Start Using Immune Builders Now
    2. Increase your Vitamin C & Zinc status (pop in-store to get a FREE Zinc Test, and check your zinc levels)
    3. Optimise your Gut Microbiome
    4. Identify your Underlying “Immune Depleter
    5. Get your Vitamin D levels checked

Talk to us in-store or take advantage of our Phone & Home Delivery service to find out the best immune building protocol for you and your family

Know that these times will pass but it is important to take seek out all the correct information and take all the steps to give you, your family and our beautiful community the best protection

Get the Best Advice from our Qualified Practitioners

If you feel you need Practitioner Help with Building & Preparing your Immune System for the Coronavirus, it is the time to book a professional consultation with the Mammoth Health Naturopaths.
Our Practitioners are now implementing their COVID-19 Combat Protocols with their Patients.
By working on your individual health needs, our Practitioner team experience great success in addressing underlying causes and achieving optimal health and vitality for our patients.
But it is important to start Now.
Consultations are available daily at our In-store Clinics or On-line using our easy to use Zoom technology – so now you can enjoy .
Book your Consultation Now

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
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