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Our Secret Women’s Business  brings an anti-ageing focus here at Mammoth Health as we are forever studying the latest research and science on Anti-ageing… on what keeps us looking great and feeling great and what best keeps our bodies from disease and ageing.
In the past year or so I’ve seen a subtle shift from synthetic forms of supplementation to more natural forms… namely supplements that are based from food forms with high antioxidant activity and are alkalising. These are aptly named “super foods”, “raw foods” and “functional foods”.

The ORAC Scale

We measure how high the antioxidant value of a particular substance or food by the ORAC scale. The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Scale was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture to measure the ability of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, which normally cause cell and tissue damage. The higher the ORAC score, the higher the level of antioxidants present in the food.

Acai Berry… The Ultimate Wrinkle Buster

Recent research now shows that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at the cosmetic counter; you can avoid wrinkles simply by placing healthy choices on your plate (but we already knew that didn’t we!)

According to Allison Tannis ( Nature & Health April/May 2010), from 1989 to 1996, researchers investigated the dietary habits of 2000 people over 70 to see whether their diets had influenced the youthfulness of their skin. Research was done in Australia, China, Greece, Japan and Sweden. It was found that the Swedish subjects had the least skin wrinkling and that Australians had the most. Those with the least wrinkling were found to consume a diet with a higher intake of vegetables, olive oil, fish and legumes, and lower intakes of butter, margarine, milk products and sugar products.

This ground breaking research show us that, no matter what our ethnic background is, eating a healthy diet rich in key foods can prevent the formation of wrinkles. Avoiding processed foods that are loaded with sugar and trans fats is another important strategy for maintaining youthful skin as we age.

There are many fantastic “wrinkle-fighting” foods  we can eat to support our skin’s elasticity but according to Allison Tannis, the Number One Anti-Wrinkle food is the ACAI BERRY.

“Acai berries come from a palm tree native to Central and South America. Acai has one of the highest antioxidant (ORAC) values on earth, making it a true superfood. Scientists have found that acai actively fights against superoxide, one of the most damaging free radicals. These free radicals damage molecules in the skin, including the collagen and elastin that keep skin firm and tight. Acai can stop the source of damage that causes wrinkles. What’s more, scientists have discovered that the antioxidants in acai have a lasting effect in the body and can help your skin ward off wrinkle-causing free radicals for hours after you eat.”

Healthy Heart, Radiant Skin

As a bonus, “beta-sitosterol is present in very high quantities in acai berries. This phytosterol, or plant fat, competes with dietary cholesterol for absorption in the digestive tract and thus reduces the amount of cholesterol you absorb.
This reduction offers cardiovascular benefits such as healthy circulation, which is important to skin health. Good blood supply to the skin ensures that sufficient oxygen, nutrients, and winkle-fighting antioxidants reach skin cells.”

Here is one of the recipes we shared at our recent in-store Secret Women’s Business… the ultimate anti-wrinkle treat!

The Youth Booster Balls

our “anti-ageing” “anti-wrinkle” treats

2/3 cup Sunflower seeds
1 cup Raw Almonds
200g Dried Apricots
100g Dried Cranberries
1 tsp. Coconut Nectar
½ cup Cacao Nibs
1 tbsp. Loving Earth Rainbow Blend  or Acai Powder
Shredded coconut for final coat

1.In a food processor blend the almonds and sunflower seeds until they form a coarse powder.
2.Add in the remaining ingredients and blend until all combined.
3.Roll into balls and coat with coconut
4. Refrigerate or freeze and enjoy!

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
Live Better

Source: Allison Tannis, Nature & Health April_May 2010
Research: International Union of Nutritional Sciences Committee on Nutrition and Ageing conducted a study called Food Habits in later Life (FHILL)

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