Mammoth Health

We Will Look After You

We will look after you amidst the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, so please don’t worry.

These are unprecedented and unchartered times which naturally can bring a lot of uncertainty, stress and fear, but we have spent the past weeks planning and preparing for this.

We are now offering a
Home Delivery Service

In the coming months if you cannot get in-store simply call us on

5243 9084

and we will provide the same experience and advice over the phone that you would normally receive in-store… and then deliver your items to your doorstep within 1-2 business days.

(NB sometimes our phone will ring and go to message bank- this is generally because we are on another call so just leave a message and we’ll get straight back to you).

COVOID-19 Procedure-Updates for Mammoth Health

  • We have now placed a hygiene station at the front counter – on entering Mammoth Health, we ask that you please use the hand-sanitiser before shopping.
  • If you are suffering from any cold and flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue, shortening of breath we ask that you please use our Phone and Home Delivery Service, rather than coming in-store.
    As we are in the containment-phase of the pandemic we are supporting the government’s direction to take all steps to minimize the spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to flatten the curve.
  • We have implemented very strict staffing procedures at Mammoth, whereby if any of our staff experience any cold and flu symptoms they will immediately self-isolate and work from home.
    This means we will activate our on-line zoom consultations for our patients. Our on-line Zoom consultations are a simple and easy way to maintain appointments and keep you healthy and well.
    We will individually guide each of our patients through this to minimize any hassle and concern.
  • Our shop, including our front counter, eftpos machine, phones, computers, prize dice and pens etc. as well as our bathroom, kitchen and clinics will be sanitized regularly and after every patient appointment throughout the day.
  • As of this morning we have been directed by the government to employ social-distancing measures which means that we will be not engaging in any body-contact shaking hands, hugging, cheek kissing greeting etc. and keeping 1.5 metre distance from each other.
  • As of midnight last night (Sunday 15th March) the government has invoked a compulsory 14-day self-isolation period for all people flying into Australia.
    We are requesting that if anyone has flown back into Australia in the past 14 days (or if you have had any extended contact with anyone i.e. family members living in same household), that have flown back into Australia in the past 14 days that you please use our Phone and Home Delivery Service, rather than coming in-store.

We are all in this Together
and Together
as the Beautiful Community we are
We will look after each other, grow stronger and Get through this

Mary & the Mammoth Health Team

Because it’s not a Rehearsal
Live Better


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