Success Stories

Our clients get amazing results and that’s because the professional team at Mammoth Health know to not only treat symptoms but to identify underlying causes of health problems and treat these as well. Only then will you achieve long-term health and vitality.

Here are some of our success stories.


Was It Worth It? Heck Yeh!

Wow, who would have thought that a simple thing like walking into Mammoth Health could change so many aspects of my life. Lauren, one of Mammoths naturopaths, encouraged (almost dared) me to undergo a simple detox program. Well not really simple. There is nothing simple about a diet free of sugar, wheat and dairy.

The first three weeks were incredibly hard for me personally. It is not just a case of taking one day at a time, more like taking one minute at a time. The sugar cravings are overpowering. The simple foods like bread, butter and cheese that can be taken for granted needed suitable substitutes.

Having a coffee with the girls is no longer an option. It is now green tea, but with the girls encouragement. Was it all worth it? I lost 8 kilos (in the 6 week program) Those weird food cravings that have you reaching for anything and everything because you just can’t work out exactly what it is you need are gone. My Skin and eyes have become clearer. My energy levels have increased. My sleep has become an unbroken 8 hours, Nice! But the most surprising and rewarding changes were the emotional ones. My weird anxious moments stopped, my sense of humour returned, my memory and intellect increased, my irrational fears evaporated and those alarming mood swings that have everyone tip toeing around me slowly ceased. I was fun to be around again.

Was it worth it? Heck yeh! Could I have done it without Lauren’s support. I don’t believe so. As a mother I find I am always encouraging others to succeed. To have someone motivate and encourage me, to feel like they really cared that I achieved success, was the most empowering and rewarding of it all. I look forward to my Gold Star at the end.


Caroline Bushell
Winchelsea, Victoria


I Feel I Have Gained A Trusted Friend

I have been to a lot of naturopaths and tried many forms of supplements, herbals, programs and detoxes over the years yet Ive still never managed to feel 100%. I came into Mammoth Health looking for results so I thought I’d give the Vitality Challenge a go. On my first visit I was pleased to find (believe it or not) a high level of dysbiosis, as that meant something was wrong and it could be fixed. It has been 6 weeks now since that first visit and I have completed my challenge. I have gone from feeling tired and lethargic to feeling just fantastic.

As I worked my way through the three phases I have noticed lots of positive changes. I have lost 4 kilos, am sleeping heaps better- I actually wake refreshed and dont need to reach for the snooze button anymore. My headaches have totally gone, Im coping with stress a lot better and I have that wonderful feeling of vitality. I loved talking to Lauren each Wednesday. She has been a great support, an excellent listener and has shared with me professional and expert advice that has been invaluable to me on this journey and for my future wellness.

I will miss my weekly visits and chats with Lauren I feel I have gained a trusted friend. It has taken a lot of dedication and commitment over the 6 weeks. It has been hard at times but I have learnt a lot about myself, both on a physical and mental level. I have thoroughly enjoyed going through the process and I would highly recommend the Vitality Challenge to anyone wanting to live a healthy life.


Linda Hammond
Marshall, Victoria


Such A Big Part Of My Life

So…I was lying in bed this morning thinking of health in general, my health, the health of all those close to me, the health of all those not even that close to me, the health of people I don’t even know but often wonder about. And then for some reason my favourite shop in the world – Mammoth – popped into my head. But that’s the thing…it is almost demeaning to call Mammoth a ‘shop’. It is sooooo much more, and such a big part of my life (and the lives of so many others).

Over the years it has been a supply of treasured treats for my sensitive gut, it has been a friend, it has been a smile, it has been my source of advice. Mammoth has ears like you wouldn’t believe – to hear my requests, to hear my questions, to hear my anxieties…and to listen so very attentively to my presence. At times it has been my sanctuary.

And Mary, if I was to think of one person whose business ethic, drive, energy, passion, wisdom and dedication I admire, it would have to be YOU! Often I don’t even see you, but your presence can be felt in every product, in every beautiful newsletter, in every member of staff.

For all of this, I thank you.

(ps. I was chuffed to receive your xmas letter and tree ornament…and this is exactly what I am talking about!!!)


Tanya (Motiani)


I Lacked Motivation To Exercise

Dear Mary and Corrine,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am I happened to walk past Mammoth Health back in August. I looked in the window and saw a notice for a Naturopath clinic. The week before I had decided I need to do a detox of some sort as I was feeling overweight, sluggish, moody at times and felt my diet contained to much sugar and processed carbs. My memory was cloudy and I lacked motivation to exercise, in fact I hadnt exercised since the birth of my youngest child 5 years ago.

Intellectually I knew what I had to do – start exercising, cut out certain things in my diet, add other things to my diet etc etc. But I needed the tools to get me started and keep me honest. I had said to myself that I would look in the yellow pages for a naturopath and get started on a safe and sensible detox to get me on track. When I saw the notice in your window I stopped in my tracks and walked into mammoth health for the first time. Besides the calm and friendly welcome Mary greeted me with, I was also taken by the passion and knowledge you had for my condition. You booked me in to see Corrine who immediately recognised that your Vitality challenge was exactly what I was looking for. It was as though it was made exactly for me. I signed up straight away as it appeared to cover every aspect of my health that I felt needed attention. Before I started I have to admit I was worried I wouldnt be able to stick to the diet and exercise plan, but Corrine was very encouraging and there was lots of information. It was actually really fun being prepared and following the detox plan, it was easier and more enjoyable than I thought. I felt very in control, in fact for the first time in a long time I felt like I was in control of food, not food in control of me. I also found getting back into exercise more rewarding and uplifting than I could have imagined. The group personal training was the kick start I needed to get back into regular exercising.

I have gone from someone who did no exercise to someone who now exercises every day and has even started a running programme that I feel so proud of myself for maintaining. Having now completed the Vitality Challenge I am 5kg lighter, my clothes all look much better on. My moods (PMS) seem much better, my skin is more radiant, I dont crave chocolate and sugary foods, I enjoy exercise every day and get withdrawals if I miss a day and the family is more active and conscience of what they are eating.

I sleep better at night and am generally more relaxed. I hope to maintain my new habits and rituals as they make me feel so good (but maybe a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate every now and then would be fine!!). I certainly feel the vitality challenge would be something I would like to do each year to give my body and well being a boost.

I highly recommend the Vitality Challenge to anyone wanting to improve their general well being and would be happy for you to use this recommendation as a testimonial for the Challenge. Best wishes


Mary-Ann Rogers
Highton, Victoria


You Have Changed My Life

The Mammoth Health Team has changed my life!

When I first visited the clinic I was in chronic pain, I was exhausted, I was extremely stressed from a demanding job and wasnt sleeping – so I was basically a mess!

The Mammoth Health Team are very holistic in their approach in terms of diet, supplementation and lifestyle and this approach really helped me. Their support, both emotionally and physically, was amazing especially when I was under a lot work stress and pressure. They work incredibly as a team and are incredibly supportive and have an amazing ability to listen and identify the real issue. They are always warm, friendly, caring, open and supportive I really enjoy going into the store.

Thankyou. You Have Changed My Life!


Kate Kerkin
Highton, Victoria
18 January 2012