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Transformation… Cracking the Code

quincetransformationAround 500BC, the Greek philosopher and founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates, first hinted at the notion of lifestyle medicine. He warned us that to keep well one should avoid

“too much food, too little toil”

Poor diet and lifestyle are the most common reasons people become overweight. It is logical, then, to presume that reversing these western lifestyle factors will be enough to reverse the weight gain.
However, as most of us know from experience, getting the weight off and keeping it off is often not that simple.

So after many, many enquiries I would like to share with you the very successful approach we take to resolve this very complex issue.

Our Professional Take On Sustainable Weight Loss

In the Six weeks of our Transformation 2015 weight-loss program we move you through very distinct phases. This is our ‘formula’ for effective fat burning and sustainable weight loss.

Transformation 2015 Phase One

Phase One of Transformation is designed to get you into a routine of planning and preparing meals and ensuring you have the right food available when you are at work, in meetings, or travelling.

This phase of weight loss is designed to establish good metabolic rate by stimulating digestive function, clearing and supporting the liver, stimulating good digestive enzyme activity and regulating blood sugar levels.

During this phase you will experience an increase in energy, increase in mental activity and increase in bowel activity.

This phase is important to establish elimination of built up toxins through lymphatic, hepatic and digestive systems. So initially there’s a possibility you may experience some cleansing symptoms like skin break-outs or headaches but overall you will feel the benefits of regular eating and the impact of a decreased sugar and carbohydrate load.

Transformation 2015 Phase Two

During Phase Two you will start to enjoy the feeling of being lighter, having greater digestive activity and actually ‘feeling hungry’. You will now be forming a positive relationship with food.

In this Phase it is important to tailor and refine your eating plan, address any issues that may arise including any troublesome symptoms you may be experiencing.
The aim of this phase is to ensure your metabolic rate is increasing with your individualised eating plan, exercise and supplements supplied.

In Phase Two is important to re-inoculate good bacteria throughout the gastrointestinal tract after a gentle cleansing period. We do this with supplements supplied.
During this phase, you will experience more energy to push a little harder with your exercise regimes.

Transformation 2015 Phase 3

During Phase Three, we challenge the body to work with less food over a total day, however you will be keeping regular eating at 2.5 hrs. The body will burn all food consumed as exercise increases and you will be pushing your body another 10-15%.
In Phase Three it is important to stimulate digestive function and encourage blood flow to the digestive organs for optimal function. Focus will also be on cleansing and clearing the lymphatic system for excellent elimination. This will be supported with supplements supplied.

During this phase you will be developing a solid understanding and awareness of food limits, foods required in a given day, relationships with certain foods that feel good, and most importantly experiencing great health without the many foods that you had come to rely on but that are doing you a disservice.

Phase Three will see you enjoying good energy and getting ready to sustain wonderful eating habits.

Tranformation 2015 Maintenance Phase

This Phase is designed to help you understand what foods work really well for you and what foods are generally detrimental to your health.

Guidelines will be established for you personally, to understand how to keep the weight off and keep working towards your total health goals.

Maintenance is important to establish boundaries with food and keep the positive relationship going between food, mind and body without compromising your lifestyle. This is also an important time to reflect also on the achievements that have been made and feeling proud of your outcomes.

Are You Ready To Transform & Live To Your Potential?

if you are sick of being overweight, sick of the quick fix, magic pills and magic promises and the yo-yo dieting that just doesn’t work; And if you are committed and ready to make a change in 2015, this program is for you.

Important Point

Transformation 2015 is designed so that you only need to do it once. You will learn the tools for ongoing and sustainable weight loss. You will learn the formula on how to burn fat effectively and eat well for long term weight loss.
Your Investment Today will set you up for Life.

Our first Transformation 2015 starts this month and is capped at ten people per program.

We still have some places left so if you are ready to secure your place contact us NOW in-store or on 5243 9084.

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
Live Better

©2015 Live Better Naturally Pty Ltd

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