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The Secret to Successful Detoxing

Tried detoxing before? Found it incredibly difficult with harsh symptoms and short-term results?

We see this scenario often.

One of the most common occurrences during cleansing and detox programs, especially ones that focus primarily on treating the liver without first correcting their toxic environment and their gut, is a violent reaction most commonly known as a “Healing Crisis”.

We often hear stories in-store of people who have undergone an advertised “detox” program and complain of symptoms like nausea, pain, headaches, lethargy, aggravation of allergies and increased sensitivity to dietary and environmental chemicals.
They typically last a few days, give up because it’s all too hard, and very quickly revert to old ways, old habits and the cycle continues.
They become disillusioned and disempowered about taking control of their health and vitality.

This may have even happened to you. And I’m here to tell you there is no “Healing” in a Healing Crisis!

It is caused by the attempt to stimulate the liver detoxification processes before addressing the digestive system. If the liver is stimulated without the correct nutrients it can lead to an increase in production of harmful substances that circulate throughout the body. These substances cause damage to cells and tissues and result in unnecessary symptoms associated with “detoxing”. This process is not only damaging, it is counter-productive and unnecessary.

An Expert & Professional Approach to Detoxing

It is vital that the load is taken off the digestive system and the gut is repaired first, before liver function is addressed. Once the digestive system is functioning optimally and the external toxin load has been addressed through lifestyle and environmental changes, then the final stage is to enhance the innate detoxification processes (via liver, kidneys and bowel), so that accumulated toxins within the body can be safely broken down and removed.

This is why the Naturopaths at Mammoth Health have designed a safe, professional Vitality Detox program.

About the Vitality Challenge

Mammoth Health’s Vitality Challenge has been specially designed to expertly and professionally cleanse your whole body from toxic overload so you can rebalance and step up to optimum health.

The Mammoth Health Vitality Challenge is a Comprehensive Detox and Cleansing Challenge that has been expertly designed to safely and thoroughly reduce the toxic load on your body. It will leave you with more energy and vitality to live your life to its full potential.

The challenge uses the latest “cutting edge” supplements, tests, research and knowledge.

It’s time to Take Control of Your Health… come in-store and start your Vitality Challenge Now


Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
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