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The Age of Personalised Medicine has Arrived

Each of us is unique and our health and wellness can be directly affected by our individual, inherent differences as well as diet, lifestyle choices and the environment we live in.
Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, Personalized Medicine allows our practitioners to tailor treatment protocols to you specifically, so you achieve more positive outcomes.

While the tailoring of treatment to patients has always been a fundamental feature of functional and complementary medicine, advances in genetic testing now mean we can determine how a person’s genes may influence their health as well as identify more suitable treatment protocols to help optimize overall wellbeing.

Practitioners have long known that everyone is different, but only recently have we been able to address an individual’s health needs according to their specific genes.
We are now at a point where we can understand why someone may respond favourably to a certain treatment whereas another person may have a very different response. And that is very exciting.

To find out more about the exciting future of Personalised Medicine DNA testing you are Welcome to attend our Free Information Seminar and learn how we now have the ability to identify specific gene variations allowing us to personalize nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle protocols for you based on your individual genetic profile.

The Age of Personalised Medicine Information Evening

Date:     Wednesday November 7th, 2018
Time:     6pm-7pm
Where:    In-store at Mammoth Health.
This is a Free Seminar
Bookings are essential and are filling quickly
To reserve your seat call 5243 9084 or reply email with your name and mobile number

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