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Our Top Tips to Help You Thrive this Winter

May 29, 2017

Welcome to Winter… and boy has it hit us with a cold blast! But on the bright side… tis the season of open fires, scarves, hats & gloves, slow-cooked casseroles & curries and warming soups & stews. It’s time to embrace the cooler months by taking time to nourish our bodies with seasonal, wholesome meals and nourish our connections with people by sharing these meals with those we love. Winter is a great time to rest up, eat well and get your health back on track. Our Top Tips ....

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Bonus 15% Off this Evening Only

April 13, 2016

Don’t forget our Traditional Herbal Medicine for Winter Immunity information session this afternoon at 5.30pm. I’ve just whipped up a Super Immune Smoothie (see recipe below) which we will be demonstrating and sampling tonight. It is just one of the tips we have in store for you this afternoon. And as a special bonus we have a 15% discount off all Kiwiherb purchases tonight only. Now is the perfect time to arm yourself with the right information and the right nutrients to support your imm....

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Arm Yourself

April 12, 2016

On the weekend we ordered some native plants and trees for our garden as well as seedlings for our winter vegie crop (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, parsnips, carrots, winter greens and peas). The expert down at the nursery told us that now is the ideal time to plant because there’s still enough warmth in the air and soil for the plants to establish their root systems before Winter. If we leave it too late, when the warmth is all gone, then they won’t get a chance to establish themselves be....

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Rongoā Māori

April 1, 2016

Many of us are very familiar with the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine and some have also come across Ayurveda, or Traditional Indian Medicine. In fact most indigenous cultures have their own plant medicine and the beauty of Western Herbal Medicine is that we can embrace and include amazing herbs from many different traditional cultures in our dispensary and use them to successfully treat health conditions. Rongoā Māori, or Maori Traditional Herbal Medicine is only just beginning to ....

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