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How to Develop your Personal Winter Protocol

May 29, 2019

With this sudden cold blast that has struck in the past week, our thoughts turn to preparing ourselves for the Winter months ahead. The World Health Organisation influenza centre in Australia has warned the number of flu cases here is the highest in 20 years (Herald Sun, 26-5-19). With the official flu season starting only this week, it is concerning that already 51,000 cases have been officially reported. Here at Mammoth Health we too have noticed an unusually high influx of clients and pat....

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Will you thrive this Winter?

May 28, 2019

Only four more sleeps and we Welcome Winter! We have certainly experienced an artic blast this week, and for many the dark mornings and evenings, cold and often rainy and blustery days are not something to look forward to. But on the bright side… tis the season of open fires, scarves, hats & gloves, slow-cooked casseroles, curries and warming soups & stews. It’s time to embrace the cooler months by taking time to nourish our bodies with seasonal, wholesome meals and nourish our....

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How to Prepare for Great Winter Health

March 26, 2019

Autumn is finally upon us and our good friend Kirsten, from Casuarina Farm, describes Autumn as a ‘season of change and letting go. Many trees let their leaves fall understanding and embracing the notion that a time of rest is approaching. As full bloom has passed, it is now a wonderful time to nurture and support your body in preparation for Winter’. Being biodynamic farmers Kirsten and Adrian really understand the cycles of nature as their whole philosophy is working with our beautiful ea....

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Are You Prepared for an Amazing Winter?

May 11, 2018

With this sudden cold blast, our thoughts turn to preparing ourselves for Winter. Media reports are predicting that it will be the coldest on record and already we have noticed a high influx of clients and patients with colds, flu, gastro and viruses! So I chatted to Kate Loftus, one Mammoth’s consulting Naturopaths, and I’d like to share with you her amazing insights, expertise and passion for the healing powers of natural medicine and healthy lifestyle practices. This time of year, Kat....

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