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“Horror Year for Flu”

July 9, 2019

Back in August 2017 the first line of my weekly blog went as follows… ‘Australians are in the midst of the worst flu outbreak on record in 2017!’ But listen to any news outlet or read any newspaper and you will know that 2019 has surpassed 2017 and is the “horror year for flu” in Australia (Sunday Age July 7,2019). The peak flu period is typically September and October, but already it has been reported that more 25,000 have caught the virus in Victoria alone (Herald Sun July 7, ....

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Vitamin D – what’s all the fuss?

November 3, 2015

Vitamin D has attracted a lot of hype in the past 12 months mainly due to the increased research into both the benefits of the vitamin and the amazing Vitamin D deficiency in Australia (despite us living in the “sunburnt” country. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and it was assumed that for most Australians adequate Vitamin D levels were obtained from sun exposure. But our lifestyles have changed and see us indoors more often than our parents and grandparents were.  Couple this with ou....

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Top Immune Herbs to Prevent Winter Illness

April 19, 2013

There’s been a lot of noise in the media in recent weeks about the “deadly flu” hitting Australia... and it’s about this time every year that we see similar headlines. The thing to remember though is that the flu is a virus that has been around for thousands of years and every year, at about this time, we are at a higher risk of infection from viruses because of increased exposure to them. We have no control over this exposure but we do have control over our immune system and we can s....

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Transformation… the first piece of the puzzle

June 5, 2012

Around 500BC, the Greek philosopher and founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates, first hinted at the notion of lifestyle medicine. He warned us that to keep well one should avoid “too much food, too little toil” Poor diet and lifestyle are the most common reasons people become overweight. It is logical, then, to presume that reversing these western lifestyle factors will be enough to reverse the weight gain. However, as most of us know from experience, getting the weight off and keeping i....

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