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How’s Your Thyroid?

July 27, 2018

Your thyroid gland regulates your metabolism so if there are any disruptions to normal functioning of your thyroid, many processes in the body are disrupted. Thyroid disruption affects both physical and mental processes so both your mind & mood as well as your body are affected. Thyroid problems can develop from: 1. Stress Stress produces cortisol’s which affect thyroid hormone production. 2.Genetic predisposition You can be genetically predisposed to thyroid conditions so it i....

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Ages, Stages and Hormones

October 19, 2015

The Four Most Common Health Issues we see Facing Women throughout their lives are: 1. Hormonal issues 2. Stress and its impact on health 3. Weight management 4. Low Energy These health issues are often all related and are not necessarily independent of each other. No matter what health issue you are presenting with, if indicated, we will be addressing and treating you holistically because you are very complex. This weekend’s Secret Women’s Business theme is “Ages, Stages ....

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