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November 20, 2013

Our Secret Women’s Business  brings an anti-ageing focus here at Mammoth Health as we are forever studying the latest research and science on Anti-ageing… on what keeps us looking great and feeling great and what best keeps our bodies from disease and ageing. In the past year or so I’ve seen a subtle shift from synthetic forms of supplementation to more natural forms… namely supplements that are based from food forms with high antioxidant activity and are alkalising. These are aptl....

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Behold the Humble Oat

August 5, 2013

Oats are one of my favourite grains and are now gaining “Superfood” status. They contain high amounts of fibre and have a cholesterol-lowering effect. They also are very cardio-protective as they contain a unique antioxidant (called ‘avenanthramides’) which help prevent free radicals from damaging our good cholesterol (HDL). They contain many minerals and vitamins and studies show that they have beneficial effects in diabetes – oats produce a much less rise in blood sugar compared t....

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Elite Athletes… what can we learn from them?

August 7, 2012

In keeping with the current Olympic theme (and that amazing hurdles heat run by Sally Pearson last night) I thought I’d explore today the best food and nutrients we can take daily as well as optimum pre and post workout fuel. A lot of us “non-elite” people workout to stay healthy, improve our energy levels, to lose or maintain weight, to relieve stress and to keep our mood and hormones stable and optimal. So if you are in this category and not working out for more than an hour than....

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