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Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?

January 15, 2019

I see a lot of New Year’s resolutions, goal setting and aspirations for the New Year. And like you, at the start of each year, I also think about how I’m going to be a better, healthier version of myself. I think about how I can achieve a little more balance with my life, not stress the small stuff so much, and try to live my daily life aligned to those things that are important to me. I also see a lot of “gurus” undermine New Years resolutions… tell people that you don’t have to ....

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Diets Don’t Work! So What Does?

January 8, 2019

If you have followed me long enough you will know I’m not a big believer of diets (unless of course you have a diagnosed condition such as coeliac disease or fructose malabsorption etc). Diets set us up to fail because they are not sustainable over a life time. Removing foods forever is a big ask and very difficult for the mindset. I can’t imagine to be told to never again indulge in chocolate or freshly baked sourdough bread or a magnificent pasta dish. Whilst our intentions, motivation, ....

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Goals & Aspirations for 2018

January 2, 2018

So 2018 is here and a happy New Year to all of you both here in Australia and around the world. We hope 2018 is a wonderful and joyous year for you all. As most of us do at this time of year we have been giving some thought to what 2018 might hold for us and thinking about our goals and aspirations for the year ahead. We are drawn to the notion of simplifying, slowing down and spending more time in the garden cultivating our fruit trees and veggie garden and planting some raspberry vines so ....

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