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Last Chance to Grab your Seat

September 28, 2015

Now Is The Last Chance To Grab Your Seat To Our Free Information Evening: “Mission SlimPossible” Kate will share with you in simple terms the latest science around fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle mass. She will teach you about how you can balance your sugar levels and increase your satiety. And she will talk to you about how to sustain healthy eating habits for life So if you are sick of being overweight, sick of the quick fix, magic pills and magic promises and the yo-yo di....

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What is Your Relationship Like with Food?

September 21, 2015

You don’t have to be Einstein to know the rates of weight gain and obesity in Australia have increased for both adults and children over the past few decades. Comparisons among other developed countries show that Australia has the second highest rate of obesity for males and the fifth highest for females. Many experts are concerned about the effect rising obesity may have on our rates of diabetes, heart disease and other disorders, perhaps even on our life expectancy. And halting and rever....

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Mission SlimPossible

September 11, 2015

In the past couple of years mention the word “garcinia cambogia” or “african mango”, “high protein/low carb diets like “Atkins” or “Paleo” and you’ll have anyone wanting to lose some weight come running… generally on the empty promise of a quick fix and a magic pill. High protein diets are a real concern for practitioners because you run the risk of producing high levels of metabolic waste that can potentially cause accelerated ageing and potential long term health problems....

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