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Mushroom Magic

June 20, 2018

The use of mushrooms in a therapeutic capacity dates back thousands of years across many cultures throughout the world including Europe, China and Japan. In fact the same mushrooms that are recorded in Ancient Chinese herbal texts from 200AD are still in use today. Medicinal mushrooms contain many biologically active compounds which can positively enhance our wellness. However of these compounds, the polysaccharide (in particular beta-glucans) are the most widespread and appear to be the most....

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Announcing our Winter Wellness Week

June 13, 2018

Mammoth Health’s Winter Wellness Week Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June Enjoy a whole week of Winter Wellness professional advice, ideas, tastings, Health Mapping, Testing & Wellness Support to help you Thrive this Winter Mammoth Health invites you to a week-long Wellness Fest. Every day we will focus on a specific theme where you can pop in-store and take some time to slow down, connect, sample and ask questions about your Winter wellbeing. And you can take advantage of our free....

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Immune-Boosting Foods

July 10, 2017

There are “germs” everywhere and we are exposed to them every day. Because our immune systems generally work efficiently these germs generally don’t manifest as viruses. However there are factors that do affect and compromise our immune system making it more susceptible to viral attack. Namely, emotional stress from relationships or work demands, poor food choices, lack of exercise, poor sleep and a general lack of ‘balance’ in our lives. Because most of us do live very busy and full....

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