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Introducing New Liposome Technology

October 24, 2016

Have you ever taken a supplement that has wreaked  havoc on your digestive system? Or tried to get your Vitamin D levels elevated, but no matter how long you take a D-supplement for, you just can’t seem to get them to optimal levels? Well liposomal technology may just be the solution for you. Liposomes are a relatively new technology that delivers your vitamin supplement via the mouth (transmucosal absorption), thus by-passing the gut and substantially increasing absorption into the cells ....

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Announcing Mammoth Health’s 2016 Secret Women’s Business Event

October 11, 2016

Announcing Mammoth Health’s 2016 Secret Women’s Business “ReBoot, ReCharge, Refresh” event is on In-Store, Thursday 27th October from 5.30pm-8pm   Join us for a fun & Informative Evening Sharing our Professional view and Practical tips on overcoming the health issues and challenges that face women living in today’s world. 7-8pm Presentation by Kate our consulting Naturopath Kate will take you on a journey of practical steps you can take to improve your energy and men....

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Mercury Retrograde

May 4, 2016

We are well and truly in the midst of mercury retrograde. For those who take an interest in astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and when it goes ‘retrograde’ it means it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky. Mercury retrogrades three or four times every year for a few weeks and many are aware of the potential chaos it can cause. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel and therefore in a retrograde these things are affecte....

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Reminder – Stress, Mood & Your Mental Health Seminar

April 27, 2016

Depression Life is too short to live without joy… but unfortunately anxiety and depression inhibit many to fully enjoy life’s pleasures. Those who experience these neurobiological disturbances are often unable to live to their potential. Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious condition that has an impact on both physical and mental health. Depression affects how you feel about yourself. You may lose interest in work, hobbies and doing things you normally enjoy. ....

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Geelong’s Adult Health Report

March 18, 2015

Geelong has an adult population of 160,000. And our health, as a community, is not looking that great. According to Healthy Together Geelong, 56% of us are overweight or obese and a whopping 95% of us do not eat the recommended 5-6 serves of vegetables per day. Over half of us drink alcohol at risky levels for our health and 19.2% consume sugar-sweetened drinks every single day. There are about sixteen teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle of regular soft drink so that cumulative effect of su....

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