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Introducing New Liposome Technology

October 24, 2016

Have you ever taken a supplement that has wreaked  havoc on your digestive system? Or tried to get your Vitamin D levels elevated, but no matter how long you take a D-supplement for, you just can’t seem to get them to optimal levels? Well liposomal technology may just be the solution for you. Liposomes are a relatively new technology that delivers your vitamin supplement via the mouth (transmucosal absorption), thus by-passing the gut and substantially increasing absorption into the cells ....

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How Toxic is Your Home?

August 2, 2016

There are hundreds of cleaning products on the market and though useful to clean away dirt and grime, chemical cleaners can also burden our internal and external environment. According to Nicole Bijlsma, building biologist and author of the book, “Healthy Home, Healthy Family”, chemical cleaning products were only introduced after World War 2 with the advent of the industrial revolution. Somehow these chemical industries have marketed to us that ‘all germs are bad and we need to use har....

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Aromatherapy…the Therapeutic Benefit of Scent

September 23, 2013

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing therapy that dates back to ancient Eyptian times. It involves the use of pure essential oils to treat, influence or modify the mind, body and spirit and to promote health and wellbeing. Essential oils are highly concentrated and need only be used in small quantities for best results. Note that Grade A essential oils are derived from plants, perfumed oils are artificially created fragrances and do not offer any therapeutic benefits. Oil Burners Are The Most....

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Happy Mother’s Day

April 18, 2013

Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and pamper our Mum. It’s about acknowledging and appreciating how nurturing, caring, loving, empowering and resilient they really are and showing our true appreciation to them for always being there for us. Spoiling and pampering is a must for Mum on Mother’s Day and gestures from the heart are all the more special because we give not only in monetary terms but we give of our time – something that we all seem to be a little short of ....

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