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Just for the Health of It

July 15, 2015

Your Special Invitation We would love for you to join us for our annual Winter in-store Celebration “Just for the Health of It” on Saturday 1st August from 9am-12noon. We are so excited and busily preparing for the big event Hope you can join us… there is a lot happening on the day The food we eat directly impacts our vitality, our mood, our stress coping mechanisms, our risk of illness and disease, our energy levels, our sleep quality and our hormones. You are invited to Come i....

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How r u Feeling?

April 22, 2015

I was very privileged to hear Jeff Kennett speak yesterday morning on the impact of anxiety and depression in our community. Putting politics aside, Jeff is a well respected and passionate ambassador for the bipartisan organisation, Beyond Blue, which works to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience. Statistics show three million Australians ....

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Healthy Trends for Weight Loss

March 16, 2015

In the past couple of years mention the word “Garcinia cambogia” or “Green Coffee Bean”, “high protein/low carb diets like Atkins or Paleo” and you’ll have anyone wanting to lose some weight come running… generally on the empty promise of a quick fix and a magic pill. High protein diets are a real concern for practitioners because you run the risk of producing high levels of metabolic waste that can potentially cause accelerated ageing and potential long term health problems (rem....

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Simple 7-Step Rejuvenating Formula

February 16, 2015

Introducing “The Simple 7 Step Rejuvenating Formula to REVERSE the Ravageing Symptoms of Advanced Ageing” These ‘7 Steps’ are empowering women & men right now to fight back against advanced ageing. You see, ‘anti-ageing’ isn’t something you can find in a bottle. It’s not something to reduce, plump or pop, it requires a committed lifestyle solution. Only once you step up and take control will you start to look and feel younger, get lean and fit, have a glowing complexion a....

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Your Winter Toolkit

May 20, 2014

‘A severe flu season is predicted, yet many aren’t willing to protect themselves’ writes Katrina Creer in Sunday’s Body and Soul (Herald Sun, 18/5/14). She goes on to say that ‘experts predict three strains of flu will hit all age groups. These include the swine flu (H1N1) strain, the H3N2 flu strain and influenza B strains. It’s still autumn, yet a higher than usual 3488 diagnosed flu cases have been reported’. Our Winter Tool Kit Every year, around this time the team at Mammoth....

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It’s Time to Break the Habit

December 23, 2013

The great thing about Christmas and New Year in the Southern Hemisphere is that it falls in summer. And summer for a lot of us means holidays, sun, relaxing, and lots of socialising with treasured friends and family. It is a time of freedom from strict routines, of sleeping in, eating all the Christmas chocolate and leftover pudding, lazy days reading and snoozing on the banana lounge and generally taking it easy on ourselves. It is actually very important to do this from time to time – to rep....

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4 Easy Steps To Keep Well This Winter

April 19, 2013

Last week we talked about the amazing immune tonic herbs we have available to support and nourish our immune system and “prime” it for winter. This week I’m sharing the other three steps which guarantee optimal health for winter. Our 4 Easy Steps To Prevent “Illness-Sabotage” This Winter Eat Well Exercise regularly Relax & have Fun Supplement with immune tonics Step 1: Eat Well Did you know that the Food you eat has the power to keep you well or contribute to you....

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Obesity is Growing

July 17, 2012

Obesity is growing According to a report released last month by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) the rates of obesity in Australia have increased for both adults and children over the past few decades. Comparisons among other developed countries show that Australia has the second highest rate of obesity for males and the fifth highest for females. Many experts are concerned about the effect rising obesity may have on our rates of diabetes, heart disease and other disorder....

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Take Control

April 30, 2012

Channel 9 news recently reported (16/4/12) that each year 80,000 Australians will get the flu. 15,000 of these flu victims will end up in hospital with a further 2,000 deaths. We have noticed in-store and in our clinics a much higher influx of clients and patients with colds, flu, gastro and viruses… and winter hasn’t even started yet! The thing to remember though is that the flu is a virus that has been around for thousands of years and every year, at about this time, we are at higher....

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