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Bring the Outdoors Indoor!

October 16, 2019

Spring has definitely sprung and with the promise of warmer weather on the way, we are often ready to not only spring clean our bodies but also spring-clean our homes. The World health Organisation declared that the air quality inside our homes can actually be worse than the external pollution in our environment due to the off-gassing of carpets and soft furnishings and the compounding effects of the chemical cleaners and artificial air fresheners we use. One of the simplest ways to improv....

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On the 6th Day of Christmas

December 19, 2018

On the 6th Day of Christmas… Keep Hydrated We tend to drink a little more coffee and alcohol this time of year, of which both are dehydrating. So it’s vital we keep hydrated and make a conscious effort to keep our fluids up. Keep a glass of water or water bottle on your desk or kitchen bench to sip throughout the day. Include a herbal tea or two throughout the afternoon to remain hydrated, alert. Adequate fluid intake will help prevent you feeling tired and assist your detoxifying or....

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Summer may seem far away but now is the time to prepare

September 17, 2018

With Spring just beginning, it may seem strange to be thinking about Summer already but now is the time to prepare, commit and create some new healthy habits and rituals. In preparation for the busiest time of year, including the madness, mayhem and fun of the festive season it is a good idea to cleanse, detox and reset after a long Winter now. It’s the perfect time to make a change and reset for Summer It’s about this time of year, with the promise of warmer weather on the way, that many....

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Are You on Toxin-Overload?

September 11, 2018

Every day we are exposed to an array of toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the chemicals we put on our skin.  This culmination of toxins places a lot of pressure on our bodies to render them harmless and excrete them from our body. Diets high in sugar, fatty foods, processed & junk foods, and chemically-laden foods also place a heavy burden on our detoxifying organs. If we continue to bombard our body with toxins and if we continue to be deficie....

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Are You Ready to Make a Change?

January 30, 2018

“I’m sick of feeling like this” is a common mantra I hear this time of year. And to be honest I’ve found myself utter those same words. What we are really sick of is the extended festive indulging and the way it is making us feel. Now is the time to make a change. If you want to embrace 2018 with Optimum Health, Vitality and Energy then it is up to you to choose to do things differently... and the expert team at Mammoth Health are here to help you, support you, guide you and mo....

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Are You Over Candida?

October 18, 2017

Candidiasis is a general term for yeast and fungal infections, most commonly caused by several species of Candida, the most predominant being Candida albicans. We commonly call genital/vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) as “thrush” or “yeast infection” and it is a common infection that occurs when there is an overgrowth of the yeast, Candida. It is important to remember that Candida is always present in and on the body in small amounts and does not cause symptoms. It is when an imbalance occ....

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Are you Determined to Change Your Life?

September 25, 2017

Are you Determined to Change Your Life? Well Jamie was… and this is his incredible story. At the end of April this year, Jamie returned from Bali and decided he was ready to make a change in his life and lose weight. Jamie is 58 years old and his beautiful 3 year old granddaughter was his inspiration to become fitter and lighter. Jamie and some of his work mates already had a regular weekly training session with Natalie Mensch from My Fitness Boutique but with his new goal, and wi....

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Vitality Challenge 2017

It’s about this time of year, with a hint of spring in the air that many of us have a strong urge to do something about the way we are living. Many of us are feeling the effects of the long winter lifestyle – too much comfort food, not enough exercise, extra kilos creeping on, not enough sunshine, feeling below par, run down and becoming lethargic, stodgy and unmotivated. More often than not this feeling is a result of our modern lifestyle - we’re all carrying a toxic load! Any health....

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Get the Jump on Spring Detox

August 30, 2016

Spring is only 2 days away and there is well and truly a shift in energy and mindset. Many people are already coming in-store ready to make a change. They are sick of feeling lethargic, bloated, unwell, tired all the time with a complete lack of energy and vitality. These symptoms are often a hangover from a long, cold Winter where, for the past 3 months they have continually over-indulged in unhealthy comfort food and severely reduced their level of exercise and movement. These unhealthy eating....

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Dry Skin Brushing

August 21, 2014

Did you know that dry skin brushing before showering each day is a simple, extremely effective way to keep the skin surface in vital conditon and support ongoing gentle detoxification? Your skin accounts for more than 10 per cent of your body’s weight and if spread out could cover almost two square meters. It defends us from harmful microbes, it enables us to communicate about pleasure and pain, it breathes by absorbing oxygen from both the bloodstream and the external environment and contr....

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Epsom Salts Detox Bath

Have you ever tried an Epsom salts bath? When Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, relaxes the muscles, relieves aches and pains, reduces swelling and calms the nervous system. Epsom Salts have been used for years and was one of the most popular medicinal treatments in England. It was most commonly used as a bath additive to relieve muscle aches and pains but it is a wonderful ritual to add to your detox regime. ....

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Vitality Challenge – Are You Up For It?

August 17, 2014

Feeling The Need To Detox & Cleanse? It’s about this time of year, with a hint of spring in the air that many of us have a strong urge to do something about the way we are living. Many of us are feeling the effects of our winter lifestyle – too much comfort food, not enough exercise, extra kilos creeping on, not enough sunshine, feeling below par, run down and becoming lethargic, stodgy and unmotivated. More often than not this feeling is a result of our modern lifestyle - we’re ....

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The Hidden Detox Secret

September 16, 2013

I have just completed my annual detox (Vitality Challenge) and I feel amazing. When most of us think detox we think of  “spring cleaning” our bodies. We want to stop our sugar addictions, introduce fresh healthy food,  address bad eating and lifestyle habits, sleep better, think better, lose weight, lose the bloat,  have clear eyes and skin and amazing energy and vitality. We want a new zest for life… and believe me a full detox will do all this and more. However, when we do under....

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Successful Detoxing and the Liver

September 9, 2013

These past couple of weeks we have been discussing how to detox safely and effectively. And if you came to my Free In-Store Detox workshop you would have learnt that successful detoxing is not as simple as taking a liver formula. However you would have discovered that if done properly you do get life-changing results! In a nutshell to detox well we need to: •Reduce our Toxic exposure •Remove Bad Bacteria & Waste •Repair & Rebuild our Digestive Lining •Replace Bad B....

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Successful Detoxing – Gotta get the Gut Right First

September 2, 2013

We had the most fantastic day in-store on Saturday. Many learnt the secrets to successful and professional detoxing. Below I’ll let you in on one of the secrets I shared on the day. Spring is traditionally the time of year to lighten your load and ‘spring-clean’ your body. So now is the perfect time to think about cleansing and detoxing and ultimately looking great and feeling great and living with optimum health, energy and vitality. When most people think “detox” they think....

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Don’t Forget

August 28, 2013

You’re Invited We would love for you to join us for our inaugural “Secrets to a Successful Detoxing” in-store Extravaganza this coming Saturday. We are so excited and are busily preparing for the big event. Hope you can join us… there is so much happening on the day (see below) See you in-store on Saturday Mary P.S. If you want to learn the keys to successful detoxing I will be running workshops on the day. These will be at 9:15am and again at 11:15am Are you ready....

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It’s Time To Detox & Cleanse

August 16, 2013

Spring is fast approaching.  And Spring is traditionally the time for renewal, new life, cleansing, and spring cleaning. We can already see signs of new growth, blossom buds, birds in nests, spring lambs and longer days. Spring traditionally brings the promise of hope, renewal and better days to come and is a perfect time to take stock of your daily habits and mindset and how these directly affect your health, vitality and happiness. A Toxic Cocktail Every day we are exposed to an arra....

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Diagnosis Cancer

July 24, 2012

Last week the Mammoth Health Naturopath team attended a practitioner seminar on our role in supporting people who have been diagnosed with and being treated for cancer. It has been researched that 70% of people who have been diagnosed with cancer sought and used complementary medicine in addition to receiving conventional care₁ With an estimated 114,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia in 2010, it is expected that one in two Australians will be diagnosed by the age of 85 (Cancer C....

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