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Are You Ready to Make a Change and Start Living Your Best Life?

April 26, 2017

We all want to Thrive. We all want to Flourish. We all want to Live a Good Life. We all want to have the energy to pursue our Passion, our Purpose, that thing that we were each born to do. But to thrive and flourish… we need to have good health - good physical health, good mental health and good emotional health. Health is basically the resource for thriving and flourishing. And we already innately know this, yet we are so often ‘stuck’ in our current cycle of day to day, that we f....

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Eat Well for Life

August 17, 2015

I spoke about healthy eating at our “Just for the Health of It” day recently in-store, and many have asked me to write about this workshop. According to Healthy Together Geelong, 56% of adults in Geelong are overweight; “95% don’t eat enough vegetables; 58% don’t eat enough fruit; nearly one quarter smoke and 22,400 adults in Geelong experience high levels of psychological distress including feeling nervous, hopeless, restless, sad and worthless”. My passion is to address the way....

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