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Beetroot Relish

June 16, 2014

We had a fantastic day on Saturday at our in-store Winter Feast. Damian from Kattwinkel Meats explained to us the difference between grain fed and grass fed meat and the importance of knowing where your meat comes from. Kirsten from Casuarina Farm also told us about the difference between growing fruit and vegies biodynamically and organically. Kirsten also very generously donated the door prize of the most enormous box of beautiful biodynamic produce which Heather Watson was our winner. Grace, ....

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Don’t Forget our Winter Harvest

June 12, 2014

Don’t Forget… Mammoth Health’s Winter Harvest Saturday 14th June From 9am-2pm We are so excited and busy preparing for our Annual Winter Harvest in-store tomorrow from 9am-2pm. Damian from Kattwinkel Meats has dropped off the meat Grace (our guest chef) will be preparing for you tomorrow. Today, Melissa our in-store Naturopath, is busy preparing delicious desserts for you to taste - all with amazing ingredients and not a scrap of sugar in sight – you won’t believe it when you taste....

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Winter Harvest Invitation

June 3, 2014

Winter is a time to feast on warming, seasonal, grounding foods. We’re passionate about local food, seasonal food and ethical food. And we want to share this passion with you at our Annual Winter Feast.  MAMMOTH HEALTH CELBRATES WINTER WITH AN IN-STORE “Winter Harvest” Come & Join In The FREE Tastings And Cooking Demonstrations SATURDAY June 14th From 9AM-2PM Lots of fun stuff will be happening in-store all morning. This is just a taste of what we’ve planned and it’s al....

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Food As Medicine

July 1, 2013

 Food As Medicine Did you know that the food you eat directly impacts your vitality, your mood, your stress coping mechanisms, your risk of illness and disease, your energy levels, your sleep quality,  and your hormones. We’re finding that many are becoming  very disconnected with their  food and very confused about what foods are  healthy and supportive of their body (in the short-term and the long-term) and what foods are working against you. Come in and learn how foods impact ....

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Folks, This Ain’t Normal

October 24, 2012

“1 hamburger contains pieces of 1000 different animals …food for thought when you next order a Big Mac. I had the great privilege of spending Tuesday evening in a room with Joel Salatin and Rohan Anderson. Joel is a passionate farmer from Virginia,  in the US and is in Australia  sharing his philosophy on local food systems and the harsh reality of where our food really comes from -  and the cost and consequences this is ultimately having on our health, sustainability and our connect....

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