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On the 4th Day of Christmas

December 21, 2018

On the 4th Day of Christmas… Stay Alkalised Festive food and drink tends to be very acidic so it pays to stay alkalised this time of year Alkalising or ‘balancing the pH of your body’ will provide your body with a level of nutrition that it can use to maintain optimum health and lots of energy and vitality. ‘Staying Alkalised’ can also enhance toxin excretion as well as prevent disease. It is impossible to avoid acid production in the body, as acids are produced as part of regula....

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Spring Resolutions

September 3, 2018

Spring has well and truly sprung and there is clearly a shift in energy, outlook and mindset. After a long, cold Winter and with glimpses of sunny Spring weather appearing, for many, thoughts (and actions) are turning towards a transition to a healthier body and thus a healthier mind. During Winter, we inherently gravitate to more dense, hearty meals which may mean a tendency to over-do delicious carbohydrates and sweet treats. If you have become dependent on comfort food during the coole....

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Are you Determined to Change Your Life?

September 25, 2017

Are you Determined to Change Your Life? Well Jamie was… and this is his incredible story. At the end of April this year, Jamie returned from Bali and decided he was ready to make a change in his life and lose weight. Jamie is 58 years old and his beautiful 3 year old granddaughter was his inspiration to become fitter and lighter. Jamie and some of his work mates already had a regular weekly training session with Natalie Mensch from My Fitness Boutique but with his new goal, and wi....

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Vitality Challenge 2017

It’s about this time of year, with a hint of spring in the air that many of us have a strong urge to do something about the way we are living. Many of us are feeling the effects of the long winter lifestyle – too much comfort food, not enough exercise, extra kilos creeping on, not enough sunshine, feeling below par, run down and becoming lethargic, stodgy and unmotivated. More often than not this feeling is a result of our modern lifestyle - we’re all carrying a toxic load! Any health....

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Get the Jump on Spring Detox

August 30, 2016

Spring is only 2 days away and there is well and truly a shift in energy and mindset. Many people are already coming in-store ready to make a change. They are sick of feeling lethargic, bloated, unwell, tired all the time with a complete lack of energy and vitality. These symptoms are often a hangover from a long, cold Winter where, for the past 3 months they have continually over-indulged in unhealthy comfort food and severely reduced their level of exercise and movement. These unhealthy eating....

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Our Top 3 Tips

December 23, 2013

Our Top 3 Healthy Tips To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season It’s fun to kick start the New Year celebrating with family and friends. So implement these 3 essential tips and stay Looking Fantastic, Feeling Amazing and Living Optimally in 2014.   1. Stay Alkalised It’s important when we are over-indulging with rich food and alcohol to stay alkalised. Add a dash of chlorophyll to your drink bottle, increase your salad and vegetables and supplement with chlorella, spiruli....

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Don’t Forget

August 28, 2013

You’re Invited We would love for you to join us for our inaugural “Secrets to a Successful Detoxing” in-store Extravaganza this coming Saturday. We are so excited and are busily preparing for the big event. Hope you can join us… there is so much happening on the day (see below) See you in-store on Saturday Mary P.S. If you want to learn the keys to successful detoxing I will be running workshops on the day. These will be at 9:15am and again at 11:15am Are you ready....

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It’s Time To Detox & Cleanse

August 16, 2013

Spring is fast approaching.  And Spring is traditionally the time for renewal, new life, cleansing, and spring cleaning. We can already see signs of new growth, blossom buds, birds in nests, spring lambs and longer days. Spring traditionally brings the promise of hope, renewal and better days to come and is a perfect time to take stock of your daily habits and mindset and how these directly affect your health, vitality and happiness. A Toxic Cocktail Every day we are exposed to an arra....

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