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“Horror Year for Flu”

July 9, 2019

Back in August 2017 the first line of my weekly blog went as follows… ‘Australians are in the midst of the worst flu outbreak on record in 2017!’ But listen to any news outlet or read any newspaper and you will know that 2019 has surpassed 2017 and is the “horror year for flu” in Australia (Sunday Age July 7,2019). The peak flu period is typically September and October, but already it has been reported that more 25,000 have caught the virus in Victoria alone (Herald Sun July 7, ....

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Keeping Stress in Check

November 20, 2018

For many, life has lost its lustre and stress, anxiety and a lack of balance is often an underlying factor. This is often highlighted this time of year as we approach the Festive Season. To lead a balanced, enriching life we all know that we must eat well and exercise… because without optimal health and energy it becomes a daily struggle to reach our potential. But it is equally important for optimal health and happiness that we create balance in our lives… time to stop, relax, reflect a....

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