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Saffron – a must-have for Lowered Mood

August 13, 2019

When you think of saffron, the image that often comes to mind is that beautiful, exotic spice that is expensive to buy, thus used lovingly and sparingly in cooking. However recent research has re-discovered the traditional medicinal properties of this amazing plant and shown incredible results in many areas of health, particularly mood disorders and cognitive decline. Saffron for OptimalCognitive Function An exciting area of recent research focuses on saffron and its positive impact on cognit....

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4 Quick Way to Beat the Winter Blues

July 24, 2019

    The “Winter Blues”, also known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is caused by lack of sunlight. In Australia we are not subjected to the reduced daylight hours that some of our northern hemisphere friends are, but many Australians still experience lowered mood, energy and vitality during our Winter months. If reduced sunlight affects you in winter, incorporate the following tips to stay vital and happy. 1.Eat Foods To Boost Your Mood Foods rich in tryptophan ....

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A Gut Feeling… How the state of your gut affects how you feel

April 23, 2019

An exciting and rapidly emerging field of neuroscientific research suggests that our gut microbiota has an influence on our mood. Whilst this research is not new, studies dating back to the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries show a link between the gut and emotional health, the ability of the gut microbiota and the brain to communicate in balancing human health, is at the forefront of modern research. This research shows that there is a strong bio-directional relationship between the....

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Your Gut Health – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

April 16, 2019

The Gut and microbiome has certainly been an area of focus in both the medical world, the naturopathic world and the media in recent years as hundreds of millions of dollars is being forwarded to research in how the state of our microbiome affects our health or, in many cases, ill-health. And for good reason… the future is exciting for both the prevention and treatment of innumerable health conditions as Science finally recognises a connection between chronic disease and gut dysbiosis, whic....

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On the 3rd Day of Christmas

December 22, 2018

On the 3rd Day of Christmas… Stay Energised The Festive Season can often mean added stress and pressure - especially when many of us have lots of extra social obligations, work pressures, Christmas preparations, late nights and often an increase in festive food and alcohol consumption. So it is really important to mind our energy levels. If your energy levels are suffering this Festive Season consider supplementing with the following. Vitamin B Complex: when we are under pressure and ....

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Keeping Stress in Check

November 20, 2018

For many, life has lost its lustre and stress, anxiety and a lack of balance is often an underlying factor. This is often highlighted this time of year as we approach the Festive Season. To lead a balanced, enriching life we all know that we must eat well and exercise… because without optimal health and energy it becomes a daily struggle to reach our potential. But it is equally important for optimal health and happiness that we create balance in our lives… time to stop, relax, reflect a....

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Announcing our 2018 “Gut-Instinct” Seminar Series

February 20, 2018

The Gut and microbiome Is certainly a hot topic in both the medical world, the naturopathic world and the media as hundreds of millions of dollars is being forwarded to research  in how the state of our microbiome affects our health or in many cases, ill-health. And for good reason… the future is exciting for both the prevention and treatment of innumerable health conditions as Science finally recognises a connection between chronic disease and gut dysbiosis, which supports the core ph....

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Secret Women’s Business 2017

October 18, 2017

Mammoth Health’s Annual Secret Women’s Business Thursday 16th November, 5.30pm – 7.30pm Celebrate in 2017 with a MOTHER-DAUGHTER Evening for Mothers and Daughters of All ages Mammoth Health extends an invitation to have an open conversation about hormones… a topic which sometimes can be difficult to approach. This Evening is designed ideally for Mums & Daughters to attend together but of course we all know that this not always possible. So if you are a Mother with a daughter i....

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What Does ‘Success’ Mean for You?

April 10, 2017

As the Easter break approaches it may be an opportune time to allow some time and space for reflection and self-evaluation. It’s amazing how the complete removal out of your everyday routine can bring a little clarity – it allows you that rare gift of re-evaluating your values and the way you want to live your life. I worry about the current trend of constantly ‘pushing’ ourselves to succeed – to relentlessly stretch our boundaries, our comfort zone and the constant need to strive an....

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Something is Missing! (Part B)

April 3, 2017

In our industry educating, prescribing, and imparting professional knowledge is what we do to promote change and help people to get well. And whilst it is so very important to get the correct information, and the latest research and professional advice, there is still something missing. Because although we are getting great results with helping people restore their health when they become unwell, we’re often not  getting long-term, sustainable results. And this is reflected in our Health s....

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Something is Missing! (Part A)

March 27, 2017

There’s something missing – and I’ve been searching for it for a few years now. And to be honest, this has been frustrating because I’m very much an “action” person – I like to think of an idea, research it and implement it immediately. So this journey I’ve been on, this internal struggle and search for the missing link, has taught me a good lesson. It has taught me patience. It has taught me to think deeply. It has taught me to clarify my values and to not settle for anything ....

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Are You Living a Life of Passion and Purpose?

March 21, 2017

It’s easy to spot those living their life of passion and purpose – they are the ones full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm. They’ve identified what is important to them, what inspires them and this underlays how they live each day. For many of us though, life has lost its lustre and the busyness of everyday and the stress, anxiety and a lack of balance is often an underlying factor. We’ve lost sight of what’s important to us because we are just coping with getting through our days. ....

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Mercury Retrograde

May 4, 2016

We are well and truly in the midst of mercury retrograde. For those who take an interest in astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and when it goes ‘retrograde’ it means it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky. Mercury retrogrades three or four times every year for a few weeks and many are aware of the potential chaos it can cause. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel and therefore in a retrograde these things are affecte....

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Reminder – Stress, Mood & Your Mental Health Seminar

April 27, 2016

Depression Life is too short to live without joy… but unfortunately anxiety and depression inhibit many to fully enjoy life’s pleasures. Those who experience these neurobiological disturbances are often unable to live to their potential. Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious condition that has an impact on both physical and mental health. Depression affects how you feel about yourself. You may lose interest in work, hobbies and doing things you normally enjoy. ....

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Stress, Mood & Your Mental Health seminar

April 26, 2016

Statistics show three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression and according to Healthy Together Geelong,  22,400 (or 14%) of the adult population in Geelong experience high psychological distress including feeling nervous, hopeless, restless, sad and worthless. These are very worrying statistics which shows as a community we need to recognise, support and nurture not only our own mental health but that of others as well. How’s your mental health? Do you find you are becom....

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How r u Feeling?

April 22, 2015

I was very privileged to hear Jeff Kennett speak yesterday morning on the impact of anxiety and depression in our community. Putting politics aside, Jeff is a well respected and passionate ambassador for the bipartisan organisation, Beyond Blue, which works to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience. Statistics show three million Australians ....

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Magnesium on the Menu

February 4, 2014

In our Back on Track program we include magnesium as an essential supplement - and here’s why... Magnesium is needed for our body to produce energy Magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation Our nervous system needs magnesium to function optimally Our bones need magnesium Our heart needs magnesium Magnesium is great as both a mood and sugar stabiliser Suffice to say, Magnesium is an essential nutrient. Early Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency Can Include: Muscle cramps and sp....

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