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sugarAre you addicted to sugar?
●By mid-afternoon do you hit an energy slump where you are looking for a pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day.
●Do you have trouble concentrating, have a poor memory or have that “foggy head”?
●Are you overeating or craving sweet, indulgent foods?
●Do you feel bloated or suffer from indigestion and flatulence?
●Are you battling weight gain?
●Do you have a metabolic disorder or suffering from a fatty liver?

Well you may just be eating too much sugar. The average Aussie is eating a massive 27-40 teaspoons (112g-166g) of sugar every day. The World Health Organisation recommends eating a maximum of 6 teaspoons per day or 25g (1 teasp = 4.16g).
That’s equivalent to about two pieces of fruit!

Do You Need Help In Reducing Your Sugar Consumption?

Introducing Sugar Stop
Come in-store this Saturday between 9am-12noon for our “Just for the Health of It” day and try for yourself our magic “Sugar Stop”.
Brooke who will show you our trade secret – which will stop sugar in its tracks. One drop of our magic “Sugar-Stop” herb on your tongue and sugar will taste like sand & chocolate will taste like cardboard!
This magic herb has the unique property of inhibiting the taste of sugar. And because it has a molecular structure similar to that of sugar, it blocks up to 50% of its absorption as well. This makes it the ideal herb for the treatment of diabetes and stabilization of blood sugar

Come in and try it for yourself… we guarantee you will be amazed!

There’s lots more happening on the morning. I will be presenting “The Secrets to Eating Well” at 9.30am. I’ve found that many people I see are confused with the amount of information and misinformation that’s bombarding us about food and what we should be eating throughout the day. So I’ll cook up an entire day’s menu to show you how delicious our daily meals and snacks can be with the added bonus of providing us with lots of energy and vitality.

We have just printed up our 100 Healthy Snacks booklet that will be available for you to take home on the day and there will be lots of samples and tastings of all the latest healthy foods.
We may even have our surprise barista in-store who will be making Matcha lattes for us to try!

Don’t forget Michelle (who has just recently finished her Naturopathy degree) will be offering free mini-health appraisals on morning. And we have only two spaces left to see Kate (our consulting Naturopath) for a private dietary analysis. Call Mammoth on 5243 9084 if you would like to take up this extremely generous offer. But be quick!

For more information on the day Click Here. We are so looking forward to seeing you.

Because It’s Not A Rehearsal
Live Better

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