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Are You Ready to Make a Change?

I’m sick of feeling like this” is a common mantra I hear this time of year.
And to be honest I’ve found myself utter those same words.
What we are really sick of is the extended festive indulging and the way it is making us feel.
Now is the time to make a change.

If you want to embrace 2018 with Optimum Health, Vitality and Energy then it is up to you to choose to do things differently… and the expert team at Mammoth Health are here to help you, support you, guide you and motivate you.

All you have to do is DECIDE to make the change.

We have a new client at our Mammoth Health Naturopathy Clinic. She has a long-term chronic illness that has limited her over the years. But regardless of this she has DECIDED to make a change. She’s sick of using her condition as an excuse; a crutch. And she’s sick of feeling the way she does. She knows there are so many things she can do to improve her diet, her exercise and her mindset.

She’s decided she wants to get fit and healthy in 2018. Now she could easily have told me what she can’t do (or even put limits on herself and rationalised this in her own head). But she hasn’t. She’s just made a decision to change, to turn up to see what she CAN do. And this makes all the difference. She’s prepared to explore her own potential because until she gives things a go she’ll never know what she is capable of doing.

And so it is with all of us. If you are ready to take the plunge and get yourself Back on Track this year then we have just the Challenge for you.

How to Transform Your Life and Look and Feel Fantastic

Well Here’s the thing…

  …if you keep on doing the same things, you can only expect the same results!

Often after the Christmas and New Year festivities we find it hard to break the festive habit.
Are you finding that you are still over eating, indulging in feasting foods, drinking too much and too often, and consequently feeling sluggish, lethargic, bloated, unmotivated and toxic.?
You are possibly not sleeping well, craving sugary, high fat foods and generally lacking energy and a zest for life. If this sounds like you (and you’re not alone), then our “Back on Track” Challenge is for you.

 “ Back on Track 2018” Challenge
… are you up for it?

  • Are you sick of feeling lethargic, unmotivated, sluggish & overweight?
  • Are you suffering from headaches, poor sleep, mood swings and irritability?
  • Are you craving sugary, salty foods?
  • Are you feeling run down, have constant allergies and generally feel lousy?
  • Is your sleep disturbed or are you waking unrefreshed?
  • Do you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round… knowing you should exercise more, eat healthier, stress less but never quite getting around to doing it?
  • Are you just sick of living the way you do and know that NOW is the time to make a CHANGE?
  • Do You want to Take Back Control?
  • Are you Motivated by a Program Challenge?

Well our “Back on Track” Challenge is for you!

Our 4 week Challenge Program is in-store ready for you to pick up and START right now.

What to Expect

  • To Look Fantastic
  • To Feel Fantastic
  • To break the “food-craving” cycle
  • To have Boundless Energy
  • To increase your Vitality, Radiance & Wellness
  • To Maintain or even Decrease your weight
  • To Increase Your Confidence
  • To Improve your Sleep
  • To Develop a positive mindset and mood
  • To Create Healthy Daily Habits
  • To Take Back Control and Embrace 2018 with renewed Energy, Zeal & Positivity

So if you are ready to Get Back on Track, come In-store and pick up your complete 4 week challenge
program now. And for less than 2 small lattes per day let’s get started.

 “ Back on Track 2016” … are you up for it?

The 4 Week Challenge includes:

→  all your supplements for the 4 week program
→  a comprehensive daily eating plan including dietary targets
→  positive eating tips to help you get back on track
→  a shopping list and meal ideas
→  exercise targets
→  a daily Challenge Checklist to keep you on-track and motivated.

We’ll test your zinc levels before you start and we’ll answer any questions you may have.
And for less than two coffees a day there are no excuses to embracing the New Year with optimum health and vitality.

 “ Back on Track 2018” Challenge
… are you up for it?

“Because it’s Not a Rehearsal”
Live Better

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