Ancient Radiance Skincare CLEMENTIA Facial Oil 30ml


A golden elixir to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin, powerful yet gentle and packed with nutrients to restore radiance


Use on body & face 


Recommended for: Suitable for all skin, but those with sensitive skin will benefit most. Suitable for young children and babies


Target concerns:

+ Sensitive Skin - including babies, children, pregnancy

+ Redness, irritation

+ Dryness

+ Dullness

+ Combination or Normal skin


Scent: Unscented

Texture: Lightweight oil

Colour: Gold


Does not contain

x animal products

x synthetic additives

x parabens, PEG, SLS, Mineral Oils, or any other nasties

30ml 6M. Keep out of sunlight & away from any heat


Use nightly. Apply a drop to each cheek, forehead and nose. Gently work into skin in circular motions.


Calendula oil, jojoba, evening primrose, grapeseed extract, calendula petals

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