Imagine… Boundless Energy, Radiance, Vitality, Confidence, Living To Your Potential.

It’s Time To Put You And Your Health First

The Detox Xpress has been specifically designed for those who are basically well but have overindulged recently (eg. Christmas, New Year, birthdays etc) and want to get back on track. It is perfect for those who do their annual 6 week vitality cleanse and detox in spring and are looking to regain optimum health and vitality after the Christmas festive season.

The program supports gut lining integrity and rebalances gut flora. It supports the acid/alkaline balance as well as liver, kidney and lymphatic activity. It also assists in the clearance of toxic metals.


Live Better “Detox Xpress”


  • To rebalance, cleanse and restore your digestive system to optimum function
  • To safely cleanse and remove from your system the built up levels of toxins accumulated over through overindulging and feasting.
  • To restore acid/alkaline balance
  • To increase your Vitality, Radiance, & Wellness
  • To Look Fantastic
  • To Feel Fantastic
  • To regain full control over your dietary habits and break the “food-craving” cycle.
  • To Improve your Mood and Sleep Quality
  • To Decrease your risk of developing Chronic  Diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)
  • To restore a positive Mindset and create ongoing healthy, daily habits.
  • To Take Control of your Health, your Life and Live to Your Potential.


  • A two week Cleansing and Detox program designed by scientific experts and delivered exclusively by our Professional Naturopaths in the Mammoth Health Clinic. (NB this is not a program available over the counter)
  • 2 x One-on -One Private Consultations with one of our Qualified Naturopaths to test, measure and monitor your progress;  and educate, support, motivate and individualise your treatment  along the way.
  • Simple tests that will measure and monitor your level alkalinity and zinc levels.
  • Quality, high-dose, Practitioner Supplements that have been specifically designed for each stage of the Challenge.
  • A Comprehensive Daily Eating Plan, Ingredients Guide and Shopping List and recipes.
  • A Lifestyle Guide to enhance optimum health

NB For those who want more autonomy we also have a convenient “Take-Home Detox Xpress” program. Ask in-store for details

NB. This challenge is only for those who are wanting to restore vitality and are committed to making a change in their eating habits, exercise habits and mindset.

It Is a CHALLENGE – and will require preparation, organisation, motivation, accountability, a positive mentalattitude and some hard work, sweat (and hopefully no tears!). If you are ready to take a positive leap and reap the priceless rewards then Call us Now at the Mammoth Health Naturopathy Clinic (ph. 0352 439084) and book your appointment or buy it now